Actress Cum Filmmaker Speaks Of Her Greatest Challenge: Money


Nollywood actress, presenter and filmmaker, Chika Ike has acknowledged that lack of money is a big hurdle every movie maker needs to scale through.

Lack of sponsors, lack of funding, it all boils down to money, it’s everywhere. Chika Ike believes that for Nigeria to compete favorably with the international market, massive funding is essential.

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According to the actress and the entrepreneurial drive behind the reality TV series “African Diva,” the absence of funding is one of her greatest fears as a Nigerian filmmaker.

“Funding is just the obvious. We want to compete with the international market, but we lack funding. Because when you make a movie, your intention is to make profit. It’s a business. At the end of the day you want to make profit and sell your films.

“I don’t like to categorize it as ‘new Nollywood,’ we are all Nollywood,” she said in the exclusive chat with Pulse Nigeria while addressing the ‘new Nollywood syndrome.

“It’s nerve-wracking. You put so much love, so much passion and fund into your production, and you put this wonderful thing out there, and you can’t make back your money as much as you want to. Because the whole idea of going into business is for return on investment. It’s really heartbreaking if you can’t have that.”

Chika Ike

Chika Ike’s 2016 productions include “Yes, I Will,” “Happy Ending,” “One Fine Day,” and the second season of her reality series, “African Diva.” She is a UN Ambassador, Refugee Ambassador for Displaced persons and founder of the Chika Ike (Help A Child) Foundation.

In December 2013, she was honored with a Nollywood Fashion Icon of the Year award for Fancy Nancy Collections at the Cynosure Magazine Nigeria Fashion Recognition Awards 2013 which was held at Troy Lounge in Victoria Island. Chike is also a two-time African Movie Academy Award nominee.

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