Mother Theresa: See Facebook Story That Proves Humanity Still Exists


We hear stories of acts of charity such as that of the Danish woman who saved a little boy cast out as a witch, and now, another brave heart has rescued an entire family from starvation.

The Imo state-based entrepreneur, Mr. Collinx Ononiju shared his experience on Facebook and he challenged the affluents in the society to give generously in every way possible to the less privileged especially the children.

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Ononiju narrated how he spotted and helped a family living in abject poverty, with two malnourished children. He bought foodstuffs for them and gave the mother some cash for medical treatment and other expenses.

Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page:

“On my way driving across a village, I saw two children suffering from malnutrition. They don’t seem to have eaten for months and after much inquiry, my friend and I learnt about the chronic poverty in that house. We can not stop weeping having seen their condition and From the look of things, those children might give up in few days from now.

Anyway, we quickly went to market and bought some food items for them. Gave their mother some cash and also gave her more for medical treatment because they need urgent medical attention.

This is a challenge to most wealthy men and women out there, please let’s develop the spirit of helping one another especially those in need. We will continue to visit this home until they are fully restored.

I hereby call for brethren out there to join us in prayers to save the lives of these helpless children, and as you do Almighty God will bless you IJNA.

Angels don’t have to possess wings to be recognised. Anybody can be an angel if they learn to be aware and be compassionate about the plight of others. It is said that one of the greatest act of charity is to actually stop and help; be aware of those who need your help and not necessarily waiting for someone to ask.

Mr. Ononiju has proven his Christian worth by extending help from his own generosity, knowing there is always someone who could use our help, instead of assuming “it’s someone else’s problem,” or that it’s not our job.

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Acts of Charity

Other simple acts of charity include:

  • Listening to someone else’s story with love, not judgment.
  • A Smile! A Christian is always full of laughter and happiness!
  • Always be thankful (even when you don’t “have to”)
  • Telling others how much you love them
  • Help out when it’s needed so others can rest.
  • Greeting people you see every day with a smile
  • Selecting what you don’t use and give it away to someone in need.
  • Correct others using love, rather than fear.
  • Notice Details and thinking of others
  • Help others overcome obstacles.
  • Lift someone’s spirit.
  • Celebrate other people’s success.
  • Being aware of who needs your help.