Leaked! Buhari’s London Trip Is For A Secret Negotiation Meeting With The Niger Delta Avengers


A news outfit, Secret Reporters, has brought to the table, some shocking revelations about President Muhammadu Buhari’s London trip which we were told will serve as an opportunity for him to also see an ENT Doctor.

According to the information site, authoritative sources have revealed that the president is on another mission, as opposed to what Nigerians were made to believe. The site reports:

“We can report authoritatively, that the aim of Buhari’s London trip is to negotiate with the Niger Delta Avengers in London, United Kingdom, which has been slated for the meeting, based on advice from Obasanjo and Jonathan, that the meeting should hold in a neutral venue.

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“As a pointer to this meeting, Goodluck Jonathan, is already in London, and will be part of the discussions with the Avengers, on how to stop the further threat to oil installations in the region, with representatives of the British government funding truce to the impasse.”

Buhari's London Trip
Buhari’s London Trip Is For A Secret Negotiation With Niger Delta Avengers.

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Recall that former President Goodluck Jonathan returned to Nigeria some days ago after an alleged self imposed exile in Côte d’Ivoire. Upon his return, he met with the President Buhari in his office before jetting off to London. A day after that, Buhari had a meeting with ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo to seek his advice on the crisis in Niger Delta.

Secret Reporters further alleged that the threat by the Niger Delta Avengers in alliance with the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, to release their missiles today, June 7th has gotten the President to be jittery, and has consequently called for truce as he fears for the critical areas of the country that would be bombed which includes the presidential villa.

Investigations have also revealed that the Avengers have strong ties with two Arabian oil producing countries that are not happy with the present government for treating the Shiites as nothing and the continuous detention without trial of its leader, Zakzakky. The militant group is also said to also have direct links to the North Korean government. The media house quoted a source as saying: “With sophisticated weapons and technology at the Avengers disposal, it is not something a serious Government should treat with levity”.

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Secret Reporters went on to say that:

“Further findings show that, the Avengers will arrive London today, on the invitation of the British government to be part of the peace process, under a very serious security cover. Some high profile leaders, especially in the South South are also to be part of the meeting, as negotiation begins today”.

This according to them, is the reason why the Nigerian military announced the suspension of any further military attack in the Niger Delta and withdrew the plane fighters.

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