Presidency Denies Donating $500m To Hilary Clinton’s Campaign


Presidency Denies Donating $500m To Hilary Clinton’s Campaign

The Federal Government has dismissed claims that President Muhammadu Buhari donated $500m to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the just-concluded US election.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Garba Shehu, described the accusations as crazy.

He rather insisted that it is the craziest accusation made against President Buhari.

According to him, Nigeria does not have that kind of money to throw around.

Last week, a video, purportedly circulated by a US non-governmental group, the American Black Group for Democracy, alleged that Nigeria’s president donated $500m (N150bn) to Clinton’s failed bid for the White House.

A look at the video shows alleged facts that President Buhari donated N150 billion to Clinton’s Campaign.

It claimed that the money was “pledged to the US Secretary of State, Sen John Kerry, and US Ambassador in Abuja”.

The video also alleged that “the donation may create a huge misunderstanding between Nigeria and the incoming Trump’s US government.”

Media spokesman for the president said it is saddening for Nigerians to believe such story.

He stated that even if the President had that kind of money, he would be the least likely person to give it as a donation.

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Mr. Shehu stressed that the U.S is paying to Nigeria, and not the other way round.

He, however, explained that the Presidency is in discussions with the US government to repatriate loots stashed in American banks.

Presidency Denies Donating $500m To Hilary Clinton’s Campaign

According to him, an FGN account has already been given for the return of one million dollars from the late Alamieyesiegha.

To further discredit the authenticity of the claim, attempts have been made to prove that the video is a product of an article, simply read by a text-­to-­speech simulation application, which is common to many smartphones across the world.

Also, reports reveal that there exists no group such as the ‘American Black Group for Democracy’, even though there are a number of Black American or African-­American groups in support of democracy and its ideals.

Moreover, the US laws by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), prohibits a foreigner from donating to elections in the US.

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The commission categorically states that:

“Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.”

Take a look at the video here: