Buhari’s Administration Will Transform Nigerians Into Landlords


The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to launch its affordable housing schemes which will soon elevate thousands of Nigerians from being tenants to proud landlords.

Following FG’s initial plan to build six different model of houses in the country’s six geographical areas, the scheme was targeted to be operated through mortgage banking system as a way to better the quality of lives of the Nigerians; especially vulnerable citizens.

A first hand statement issued in Abuja Monday, August 5, by Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Malam Garba Shehu, said:

“There are programmes for affordable housing with mortgages which will transform thousands of Nigerians from tenant status to homeowners/landlords.”

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Mortgage Banking system will turn Nigerian tenants into landlords.

Shehu revealed that the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari had so far released N74 billion as part of capital allocations in the last three months, adding that more of the capital allocations will soon be released to revitalise the economy.

He pointed out the fact that some road contractors were not paid since 2012, forcing many of them lay off their workers and aggravating the unemployment problem. According to him;

“This government has released capital allocations in the last three months that is more than the whole of 2015. In 2015 Nigeria spent a paltry N19 billion on roads, in three months we have spent N74 billion and we are already releasing more.

“No government has ever considered the poor like this one. Under the current budget, the administration devoted N500 billion for social intervention programmes for those who need and deserve support.

“Any process that will endure, must involve some pain but things will begin to improve. There is always a time lag between policy and effect. That is why the bad effects of past policies are manifesting now.

“Similarly, the positive impact of the work being undertaken to fix Nigeria’s problems will soon begin to show and we will emerge from this period stronger, wiser and more prosperous.

“There is hope for Nigeria, a hope that was previously clouded by corruption, greed and lack of focus. “Nigeria is starting over and everyone has a role to play. Look back, look ahead.”

Speaking also on the issue of hunger and high cost of foodstuff in Nigeria, Shehu said the Federal Government is starting a concession that will revive old rail system into new high speed rail system for freight, as a means to distribute foodstuffs from all parts of the country and reduce its cost.

“Moving heavy goods by rail will reduce our transport costs which will reduce food prices and will save our roads from damage from heavy loads.”

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He further stated that Buhari’s government will embrace the private sector through PPP, concessions and other collaborations to deliver services and infrastructure efficiently.