Check Out This Bride’s Wedding Makeup That Has Gone Viral


Every woman would go to any length to be the centre of attraction on her wedding day. With the help of modern day professional makeup artists, most times, the ‘ugliest’ of women usually appear gorgeous on her marriage day. However, while some women turn out looking like Disney world princesses, others end up looking like a physical definition of disaster as a result of the scary makeup they put on.

The latter is the case of a young Liberian lady who tied the knot with her heart throb over the weekend. Bindu and Siafa got married in Bomi County, Liberia. Philip Blamo, a US-based Liberian man, who posted the photos on Facebook wrote:

“It Is Getting Serious In Liberia We Need More Cosmetology Schools Says Rev. Blamo.

“Rev. Philip Blamo of the New Creation International Ministries In Liberia is calling on Liberian women home and abroad to invest in the business of Cosmetology to help women in the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.

“Rev. Blamo said as the results of lack of professional skills and training many young Liberian women using make-up with our professional help are looking worse than they were before.”

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One man’s meat they say, is another man’s poison. While the Bindu happily wore a scary makeup just to look beautiful for her groom, a Ghanaian bride for reasons best known to her, decided to break protocol by switching on to the ‘natural bride mode’ as she reportedly ‘refused’ to wear make-up on her wedding day.

Picture of the lady was shared by a Ghanaian Twitter user and it has been trending online ever since it was posted. The post drew a lot of reactions from most male twitter users who were quick to point out that she still looked beautiful without makeup.

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This led to a debate on whether some ladies can actually do without makeup on such a day.