Teenager Says Omotola Is His Spiritual Mother, Travels From Niger To Lagos To Meet Her


This is not a Nollywood movie but the reality of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, as a strange boy accused her of being his spiritual mother.

The actress took to Instagram yesterday, October 23, 2016, to share a video of her encounter with the boy who says he traveled all the way from Niger state in search of his mother – Omotola. According to him, he was her spiritual son whom she neglected.

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Omotola's spiritual son
Omotola’s spiritual son

Omotola met this mystery boy at the entrance of a set after the shoot of her upcoming movie ‘Alter Ego’,  and she wonders why this type of scene keeps reoccurring in her life.

According to the mother of four, this is not the first time someone would call her a spiritual mother. She posted on  a video of her conversation with the boy and it has thousands of views and over 350 comments already.

Here’s their conversation

Omotola: ‘So who told you that I’m your mother?’

Young Man: It’s a man I was staying with in Niger state.

Omotola: He told you I’m the one that gave birth to you. That you should come to Lagos and look for Omotola?

Young Man: No he didn’t tell me … there’s something…

Omotola: Like a spiritual awakening … like a vision …

Young Man: Yeah

Young Man: It’s just like message. Something like a message. Spiritual message.

Omotola: Oh… Oh I see, ok. When you first started you said you wanted to apologize to me. You want to beg me. So what did you want to apologize to me for now?

If I’m your mother why are you apologizing to me?

Young Man: I thought you won’t understand.

Omotola: So spiritually I gave birth to you, but I didn’t give birth to you physically abi?

Are you OK? You know you’re not OK?

Young Man: (agrees)

Omotola: What’s your name?

Young Man: My name is Chinonso.

Omotola: So I left Yorubaland to go and give birth to you spiritually in Igboland?

Watch the video below:

Trust Nigerians, her fans flooded are page with funny comments, advice, and criticisms on the matter.

@sharonoliva: “Pls mama just give him something. It’s the recession that’s is causing confusion. Emabinu. Lmao.”

@Obyno_25: “#lolzzz…. that dude needz spiritual help.”

@nikkyjesiLol: “So sad what this country is turning into, different tactics to make money, but omo FYI : there is no tribe or race in spirit world ????”

@vicky_gold: “I don’t mind u being my spiritual mum ooooo, your a beautiful woman n I look just like u?”

@samshine007: “@mopride please don’t get me wrong and I’m not here to preach ok. What I’m saying is that the boy might need both financially and spiritual help, but we can assist him financially and let God handle the spiritual side.”

@okonkwomary1224gmail: “Nigeria hungry don’t beat the boy please find na small change Abeg .prouly lgbo babe any time any day.”

@nikkyjesiLol,so sad what our dear country is turning into different means of making [email protected] there is nothing like tribe or race in the spirit world [email protected]_giel: “I left Yoruba land to go give birth to you in Igbo land [email protected] lolzzzz ??”

@eby_giel: “I left Yoruba land to go give birth to you in Igbo land [email protected] lolzzzz ??”

@Oyin: “I don’t know the kinda help you all want Omotola to render to this boy, but the only help he needs is spiritual. They should just drop him off at MFM they deliver people like him there.”

@doubywatchman: “@Omosexy very patient woman, I can c dat u have a vry gud heart, was still listening to this idiot.. God bls u more!”

@osiyokumotunrayomary: “He needs help

[email protected] what are you saying? Just because you are not in her position you want to start preaching!She shud turn to a prophetess and start casting and binding abi? Wen u know this is a spiritual issue.

@emmiejaylondon: “Lmao confused.com, Buhari must see this.”

Omotola, spiritual mother
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