Bizarre: Man Marries 1,000-Year-Old Tree


Peruvian activist and and actor, Richard Torres got married to a tree for the third time on Sunday. The environmentalist wed Mexico’s famous 1000-year old tree called ‘Arbol del Tule,’ or ‘Tule Tree’ during a traditional Inca ceremony replete with incense, grains and conch shells.

But while the ceremony flummoxed many of the locals, Torres tied to the knot as part of the ‘Marry a tree, save your oxygen’ project, designed to stop deforestation around the world. The ritual began Sunday morning with dozens of environmentalists and locals from Oaxaca town of Santa María del Tule. Torres even stole a kiss from his new ‘bride’, which is about  140 feet and has the largest diameter trunk in the world.

The Peruvian-born condemned the the act of deforestation which he referred to as “genocide”, Adding  that according to Greenpeace, close to 5 million acres of woodland have been clear-cut in Latin America.

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Peruvian activist and actor Richard Torres with his “tree bride”

“I condemn this genocide and ask the president of Mexico to halt the destruction. “I ask my Mexican brothers to plant a tree and care for the water and the mountains, because this earth belongs to everyone. Some very important Mexicans have joined this campaign. Famous actresses like Thalia and Lucia Mendez are supporting the project.”

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Torres who is marrying a tree for the third time, pledges to continue his mission to other southern Mexican states like Chiapas and Guerrero, where he knows ‘a lot of blood has been spilled’ and aims to bring a message of peace.

In December 2013, he married a tree in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in November 2014, he married a tree in the national park of Colombia’s capital Bogota.  He was also arrested in 2012 for staging a nude protest against the removal of trees in a Peruvian park.