Pro-Biafra Activists Storm The UN As Buhari Delivers Speech [Video]


Pro – Biafra activists storm the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, to chant their freedom songs as they declare “no elections in the south-east region of the nation.

The annual gathering of world leaders at the UN was held on September 19, 2017, and the international organization founded in 1945 is currently made up of 193 Member States.

As can be seen in the video, thousands of pro-Biafra activists living abroad matched outside the UN to protest the freedom of people of the south-east.

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It has been established by legal experts that the right to self-determination is guaranteed under Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, to which Nigeria is a signatory.

According to Ebun-olu Adegboruwa who is a legal practitioner, this is also recognized by the United Nations and consequently, no race, people or tribe, can be conquered or be forced to dwell in any entity against their wish.

His statement was in reaction to arrest of pro-Biafra activists, precisely members of IPOB and MASSOB, who were arrested in May. Adegboruwa says such action has further proven the dictatorship of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Attorney cited the Article 20 of African Charter which reads:

“All peoples shall have the right to existence. They shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination. They shall freely determine their political status and shall pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen.”

“Colonized or oppressed peoples shall have the right to free themselves from the bonds of domination by resorting to any means recognized by the international community.

“All peoples shall have the right to the assistance of the State Parties to the present Charter in their liberation struggle against foreign domination, be it political, economic or cultural.”

Mr. Adegboruwa called on Buhari to release all pro-Biafra activists, who have been arrested on account of a protest that is yet to even happen. How can anyone be arrested for freely expressing his views and opinions, in a democracy?

Indeed, it has been chaotic around the world and Nigeria is no exception. While the President in his speech pointed out several global crises, including the Middle East crisis, the human rights and humanitarian situation in Yemen, the Myanmar crisis, and Bokoharam, he failed to mention the atrocities committed by the Fulani herdsmen in the Middle Belt, the southeast and the in the western. And much less, the agitation of Pro-Biafra activists calling for a referendum or restructuring.


Many prominent Nigerians did not miss the omissions by Mr. Buhari at the UN gathering. Former Aviation Minister, Femi-Kayode did not mince words when he blasted the President over the speech. He describes it as “pitiful, shameless and uninspiring.”

Mr. Kayode said Buhari’s speech at the UN was a “cocktail of contradictions, deceit, and mendacities”.

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According to the former minister, it was hypocritical of the President to condemn the killing of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar yet slaughter Igbo Christians and Shiite Muslims in Nigeria and turn a blind eye as Salafist Fulani kinsmen and herdsmen butcher northern and southern Christians.

“You declare support for the establishment of a Palestinian state yet you reject the idea of Biafra. You condemn North Korea’s dictatorship yet you have proved to be the most ruthless dictator that Nigeria has ever known,” Kayode said.

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