Health Benefits Of Hiking – Better Than Just Walking Or Running


The truth is we all know there are some health benefits of hiking, but what exactly are these benefits and how do they impact the body? Hiking in Nigeria is increasingly becoming a recreational lifestyle almost impossible to ignore, while most engage in hiking events for social reasons, others are 100% in this for the health benefits.

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Hiking could simply mean going for a long vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths) away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. Hiking is sometimes known as hillwalking, bushwalking, or tramping depending on which part of the world you are located.

Benefits Of Hiking

Research shows that the health benefits of hiking could sometimes provide our body with a little more benefits as opposed to just walking or running. Below are the various health benefits of hiking.

Stress Relievers

benefits of hiking

Nigeria is probably one of the most stressful countries to live in and the stress levels could sometimes go off the charts. Hiking through a natural environment is more effective than simply taking a stroll through the streets we are usually familiar with.

Hiking on the outskirt of town in a natural environment offers increased mental benefits as opposed to running or walking through built-up areas. Lastly, hiking can also switch a bad mood to a more positive mood.

Increased Creativity – Brain Booster

benefits of hiking

It’s been proven that people who spend more time in nature, and less time with technology, are up to 50% more creative when it comes to problem-solving tasks. Regular hiking also improves an individual’s memory and focus as opposed to those who spend the better part of their life indoors.

Improve Your Outlook

Don’t get me wrong, heading to the gym or jumping on the closest treadmill is a very good way to improve one’s mental well-being, but going out for a hike through nature is even better. Hiking is one of the best ways to deal with depression and stress; which in turn looks good on our physical appearance.

There is really no comparison when it comes to working out in an outdoor setting through the natural scenery of hills, mountains, and beaches as compared to being restricted and boxed in by walls or limited space.

Lose Weight 

benefits of hiking

Normally, the ups and downs involved in a hike require all muscles to play their part, resulting in a natural full-body workout. One of the major reasons why people workout is to ultimately lose weight and hiking does just that. An intensive walk through a hilly environment in most cases burns up more calories than just going for a run through flat city surfaces.