BBNaija, Gifty And The Kissing Game: Is She Just Playing The Game Or Living In Her Own World?


As we tick off the number of days spent in the Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) house and the show becoming more competitive, it’s not a surprise to see various housemates going the extra mile to do what they have to do to remain in the house.

And of late, Gifty seems to have been one of those trying to manipulate the game in her favor, unfortunately, regardless of all her efforts she has been put up for possible eviction from the BBNaija house.

Gifty BBNaija

Gifty BBNaija

Before we even get to the kissing, I find it hard to believe someone who schooled in Ghana and is involved in a few Nollywood programs would say she doesn’t know Banky W or Falz. Gifty had social media talking when she revealed to Big Brother saying she doesn’t know any of the celebrities who recently visited the house.

In the case of Banky W, she didn’t just admit not knowing him, she said she has never seen him before in her life and even went on to say she wasn’t feeling his presence, saying she felt he was “fake and proud” even when others thought otherwise. This brought mixed emotions on social media, here are what a few people had to say:

On a lighter note, she also had some fans in her good books.

I don’t believe in judging people without investigating their actions properly. Twice in less than one week #GIFTY has claimed she doesn’t know two of the superstars that have been to the #BBNaija house. It might sound odd but I would prefer if we can give her the benefit of doubt. U might be hearing of someone but recognizing them when you see them is another thing. I took my time to visit her Instagram page to see who she actually follows and to my greatest surprise Basketmouth is the only star I recognized there. You can check this out @officialgiftypowers for confirmation. I had to munch the list of the 58 people she was following to make assurance double sure. Check the pic 👆👆👆👆👆there. Zoom it please. Saying she doesn’t know them is different from never hearing about them. So I believe Gifty. But what I cannot condole is insulting their persons. That you doesn’t know someone does not mean the person is fake. For that part she owes @bankywellington a big apology as soon as she leaves the house. And please if she has a management team on ground, they should do so asap. I wonder why her page is not active like the rest of the other housemates. I started following her when she had 10,000 plus fans and now it is 12,000 plus yet no update. Coming to what went down yesterday, all I can say is “that’s GIFTY for you”. She is random like that. A volcano that can erupt at anytime. Says the first thing that comes to her mind without giving it a thought. That makes her original. I hope the organizers of BBNaija won’t evict her cos of this. Gifty remains the catalyst of this show. Unpredictable and controversial. She keeps you at the edge of your sit anytime she opens her mouth cos you can never tell what next will come out of it. On behalf of Gifty, I sincerely apologize to @bankywellington for those unguarded words. Please forgive her. I encourage all her fans not to give up on her. Keep the votes coming by sending an sms with the words, “VOTE GIFTY” to 32052. Thanks and God bless you as you do so.

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Gifty And Men

Gifty BBNaija

Funny enough, the same Gifty who didn’t know any of the above celebrities was once in a music video by Mr 2Kay who claims to be very good friends with her. Although he denied the rumors of them dating, he confirmed there was a kiss shared between them and it was nice.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Gifty officially has the record for kissing more boys in the house than any other female housemate. Gifty was also once married to a Nollywood producer, though their marriage has been stated to be broken off.

We also have videos and pictures earlier posted involving an individual by the name Ekwelike Stanley. There were rumors saying he’s her current boyfriend.

In light of a new video posted by the actor himself, it shows the relationship between them was only made possible thanks to a shoot they were both involved in.

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