Comedian Declares His Political Ambition Hinged On Donald Trump’s Victory


While people are torn between voting for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, Nigerian Comedian, Basket Mouth has hinted who he prefers to be the President of the United States of America.

In his words, “If Donald Trump wins the US election, I’m so running for the Presidential election in Nigeria 2019,” he threatened while stating his honest disinterest in the Republican candidate.

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Trump’s campaign so far has disgusted a lot of people, making them warm up towards Hilary Clinton who is on the favoured end to win the race, even after the issue of her private emails being under FBI’s investigation.

In the interview with The Cable News, Basket mouth related the US governance with that of Nigeria, commenting on the last presidential election which was won by Muhammadu Buhari.

Basket Mouth did not hesitate to admit who he was rooting for in the last election, as he criticized former President Goodluck Jonathan, stating that his administration was dominated by alleged corruption.

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“While many of my colleagues, friends and family members campaigned for the PDP, APC and various candidates during the last elections (and I cannot emphasize enough that it is their right to do so), I never campaigned for Buhari or any other politician.

“Indeed, I personally hoped that he would win the election and perhaps that was evident in my body language and I am happy he won. But I did not campaign for him.

“Nigeria was in a bad place by the end of the last administration and it was only a matter of time before we would have suffered the plights of Brazil and Venezuela.

“Truth of the matter is that I would have voted anyone that could speak 2 words of English against GEJ and that’s strictly based on the amount of greed and selfishness we witnessed from members of his administration in the 6 years that he sat on the rock.

“They put us in this septic tank we are in right now…. well, that and the oil price downfall among other things.”

Basket Mouth

Basket Mouth