Banks To Sack Staff Who Introduced Customers To MMM


Following the current position of Nigerians whose money were frozen in the Mavrodi Mundial Movement, MMM, some Nigerian banks are considering to sack staff involved.

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The MMM scheme promises a 30% interest rate per month and a 10% referral commission, which is immeasurable to the meager incentives banks offer both customers and staff.

Due to that huge promise, so many people made it a duty to convince friends and families to join the money cycling scheme.

Banks have confirmed that some of their staff lured bank customers to divert their money from banks to MMM, therefore plan to sack staff guilty of such controversial business transaction, which they term ‘illegal.’

The bankers were said to have gotten customers of financial institutions involved in the scheme in order for them to make 10 per cent commission.
According to a source:

“Just learnt hundreds of bankers may lose their jobs for luring their bank customers into investing in the failed MMM. Just for 10% commission.”

Recall that the news of the freezing of MMM accounts of all participants till January 14th broke on Tuesday, December 12th.

Millions of Nigerians are affected by this account freezing and a couple of reports have made the news about regrets and even attempts to take their lives.

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A comedian, MC Galaxy reports that he invested N25m in MMM and is now stuck until January. Similarly, owner of shared his story of how he invested N16m including his office rent into the scheme.

On a more sad note, a man hung himself in Lagos because he couldn’t stand the outcome after borrowing N3m to invest in MMM.

Another attempted suicide by drinking insecticide because he invested N300, 000 meant for his wedding, which comes up on 28th December.