Squatter Kidnaps One Month Old Baby In Lagos


The recent trend of baby theft in Lagos state has come to play again with the kidnap of Mrs. Saidat’s one month old child. This evil act is said to have been perpetrated by Sekinat, a Togolese living at 14, Ago Street, Okokomaiko, a Lagos suburb, who made a secret plan in conjunction with another foreigner to kidnap baby Mustapha Ibrahim, Vanguard reports.

The news source was made to understand that Sekinat, who lives at the stated address with the parents of the kidnapped baby, Ganiyu and Saidat Ibrahim, had been their neighbour for about 5 years.

As the story goes, Sekinat had introduced the foreigner to Saidat and her husband as her elder sister, on Friday, 19th February, while the kidnap plot was executed just the next day, at about 3 pm, as the mother went in to have her bathe.

Although Sekinat was not in her house at the time the baby was discovered to have gone missing, residents said she must have left to create a piece of evidence that she was elsewhere when the criminal act was alleged to have taken place.

When journalists from Vanguard visited the family, Saidat, the aggrieved mother of the missing child in an interview said,

On Friday before the kidnap, Sekinat, whom we often call Aunty, brought the lady (foreigner) and introduced her to us as her elder sister. And because of the relationship between our family and her, I allowed the lady rock my baby. Few minutes after, she handed over the baby and left.

Next morning, Sekinat left at about 7a.m. for Alaba International Market, where she sells food. But she left the said elder sister at home.

At about 3p.m., my baby (Mustapha) was asleep. I decided to use the time to have my bath. On returning to my room, I discovered that my baby had disappeared. I raised alarm and my neighbours informed me that they saw a lady with a baby, but that they thought it was hers. Effort to track her proved abortive.

However, Sekinat (the neighbour), while speaking at Okokomaiko Police Station, denied knowing who the supposed kidnapper was.

I saw her at the market wandering around, looking for where to sleep. So I decided to help her. That was why I brought her home. I never knew she had such sinister motive.

Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus, who confirmed that the kidnap case was true said: 

The case is now being handled by the command gender desk unit. Efforts are on to track down the suspect with possible recovery of the stolen baby.

We are already getting Interpol involved; very soon, and hopefully, we will find the child.

Understanding the depth of emotional turmoil parents are forced to go through when their child is kidnapped is something you may never be able grasp unless you’ve worn that painful shoe before.

Like some mothers say, it is easier to bear the pains that come with the knowledge that your child is dead than to live not knowing whether your child, especially a tender baby, is dead or alive.

We however pray and hope that the same miracle God wrought in the Orekoyas family last year will also be repeated in this case.