See The 1 Month Old Baby Who Is Bigger Than A 2-Year-Old Child


A baby boy, Loyalty Adonis, weighing 14lbs has been nicknamed ‘Incredible Hulk’ because he is already bursting out of clothes meant for children his age. His mother, LaQueena Hunter Grover said strangers thought she was due to give birth to triplets before Loyalty Adonis’ eye-watering arrival in Louisiana, USA.

The colossal weight of the baby when he was born was almost double the average weight for newborns and he has already ballooned to 15lbs at one month old. Baby Loyalty Adonis is just a little less than two feet tall and his mum LaQueena says her husband could not believe his eyes when their son was delivered.

She said:

“People would come up to me and say: ‘Oh, I think that’s twins or even triplets. Maybe there’s another hiding behind one of the babies.’

“Right when the doctor was taking him out, my husband’s mouth literally just dropped. He was like: ‘That’s a big baby.’

“When he was born, he was 14 pounds 1 ounce. I remember the nurse came running back and when she told me that, I swear, had I not been on the gurney already, I would’ve passed out right there when she said that.”

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Meet Baby Loyalty Adonis Who Is Bigger Than A 2-Year-Old Child
Meet Baby Loyalty Adonis Who Is Bigger Than A 2-Year-Old Child

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Continuing, LaQueena said her baby wears size three nappies while he is supposed to wear a size one as a newborn. He also wears 3-to-6-month-old clothes and he wears some 6-to-9-month clothes too. “I put on him some shorts that are made for 18-month-olds,” Mrs. LaQueena added.

“He acts like the Incredible Hulk when he does not get what he wants. He does not like to be wet. He likes to be changed immediately. And he wants to eat as soon as he gets hungry.

The mum-of-four said the family have dubbed him the ‘Incredible Hulk’ after the over-sized green superhero and also admitted that she does not want to have any more children.