Aremu Afolayan: Nollywood Actor Rain Curses On Diezani Over Corruption Scandal


The corruption allegations tailing the ex-Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke has sparked outrage across the country, and has prompted Nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan, to rain curses on her for allegedly stealing billions of naira from Nigeria.

Afolayan shared a video on Instagram on Wednesday where he said Alison-Madueke and others like her were the reason Nigerians flee the country in search of greener pastures.

The actor spared no words to express his outburst over the news buzzing across the country – about the ongoing revelations in a U.S. court case that Mrs. Alison-Madueke, and two of her business associates, Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko, spent about $144 million on a property.

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Afolayan described the embattled ex-minister as a ‘mad person’ whose life won’t end well for stealing over N27 trillion which belonged to Nigeria.

His words, delivered in the Yoruba language, read:

“It shall not be well with Diezani. I’m laughing, yes, but it shall not be well for her mother and for Deziani herself. Federal government collected 90 billion dollars, aside the 13 billion pounds retrieved from her. If they convert the 90 billion dollars to naira, that will be 27 trillion naira.

“In a country of 170 million people, if they should share that money evenly among everybody; each person will get 153 million naira.

“It will not be well for you Diezani, you make the people suffer, make us travel abroad to have kids, make embassy turn down even an actor’s visa because they think we are fraud. It shall not be well for your mother and those that have been eating the money with you.

“And those in the Federal Government, the people shall remove your heart and place it in your hands.”

Haaa. Aiye Deziani koni daaah…. aiye Iya toh bi Deziani ko de tuni daaah! 90 billion dollars recovered from her converted to naira is 27 Trillion nairaaa…. haaaaaa. Melo ni waaa ni Nigeria… 170million. A shey waa ya werey bayiii. We can not fight,we can only rant on social media, shame on nigerians #LONGLIVESCAREDNIGERIAN 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡#cnnnews #cnn #setlife #actorslife #actorsworld #therealhousewifesofiyanaipaja #therealhousewifesofiyanaipaja #therealhousewifesofiyanaipaja #therealhousewifesofiyanaipaja #actorslife #actorslife #actorslife #setlife #setlife #setlife #setlife #actorslife #actorslife #actorsworld #actorsworld #actorsworld #actorsworld #actorsworld #actorsworld @timokabiodun @climax107 @golden_lorde @akinwunmiambode @mrpackage007 @bukkybabe85 @ceo_gtm @jayeola_monje @ronkisaya @dupsybabyy @showolamilekan @biola_adekunle @gist_me @laidelaitan @jigan_ijewuru @babanee1 @2baba1st @naikky01 @dasmola_juwon @dsholz @father.dino @delemomoduovation @stjade_mua @jokelawal1 @adeniyijohnson @johnnjamah @candy_j_coker @joroolumofin @jjcskillz @tanty_jnr @tanty77 @tundeednut @therealremisurutu @omo_brish @sindodotayo @tope_alabi_

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Although not everybody agrees with the actor. One of the Instagram users, tef_007 lambasted Aremu Afolayan, saying:

“What proof do you have? You and your entire family voted for this disaster in power. What have we gained collectively as a nation from them? Nothing. You come here making a video maybe to push your almost dead career.

“No human soul can or has stolen 90 billion dollars. I can’t say I blame you. Don’t you worship the likes of Tinubu? Isn’t he a thief? Where were you when your Lagos wealth was carted away by him. But you’ll heap praises and worship him.

“I’m not here to support anybody but has any court charged her? Has she had her day in court? NO. When you are doing video, add your demi-gods too… Fashola, Tinubu them. You appear smart, but for you to be the judge and jury, then, you are as ignorant as they come.”

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Aremu, who is said to be the most outspoken of the Afolayan brothers is one of the few Nigerian celebrities to openly condemn a Nigerian public office holder on social media. He has also used the medium to criticise his colleagues for campaigning for the All Progressive Congress, APC in 2015 election.

In the meantime, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, is reportedly receiving treatment for cancer in the United Kingdom, while facing series of multi-billion dollar fraud related investigations by Nigerian and UK authorities.

Last week, July 19, the Federal High Court in Lagos ordered a temporal forfeiture of her $37.5 million property at Banana Island which EFCC believe could have been acquired from the proceeds from alleged looting activities of the ex-minister.

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