Another Olajumoke? Read The Story Of This Stylish Windscreen Washer


Stylish windscreen washer, Abdulahi Olatoyan, may just be trailing another grace to grass story since a photo of him cleaning windscreens in a suit went viral a few days ago.

Olatoyan has started grabbing major media attention and has been described by Yahoo! News As “Social Media’s Latest Success Story” and CNN as a “Dapper Wind Screen Washer”.

Just like bread seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna who gained world recognition after she was discovered by photographer TY Bello, Abdulahi Olatoyan was spotted in the streets of Abeokuta dressed in his sharp suit and tie as he cleans car screens that ply the road.

stylish windscreen washer Abdulahi Olatoyan 4

Olatoyan, who is a university dropout in his early thirties, turned to the streets to make a living and save enough money to start his own business.

Daniel Sync, the photographer who took the photos that went viral said he spotted the stylish windscreen washer on his way to work in Abeokuta, Ogun State and rushed to the office to pick up his camera.

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The photographer describes Olatoyan as the first suited windscreen cleaner he had ever seen, adding that Nigeria needs more innovative citizens like Abdulahi.

After his story went online, style doctor Uche Nnaji who is the Creative Director and Founder of Nigerian clothing line OUCH offered to train him as a stylist for free. The stylish windscreen washer has now been offered a job as a ‘style doctor’ at OUCH, the first of many other opportunities that could possibly be open to him.

stylish windscreen washer Abdulahi Olatoyan 2

When the OUCH’s designer, Uche Nnaji saw the photos, he posted on Instagram that Olatoyan could come work at his company, and even went as far as listing seven reasons why Abdulahi deserves the job. He then asked his 18,000 followers to help track down the elegant squeegee man and track him they did.

stylish windscreen washer Abdulahi Olatoyan 3

Read excerpts from a CNN post on the squeegee man.

In Congo, Sapeurs (the Society of tastemakers and elegant people), are known for their love of luxury tailoring even while performing the most mundane of tasks. But one car windscreen cleaner in Nigeria’s Abeokuta is competing for this title.

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Wearing a bright polka dot suit and red velvet bow tie, Olatoyan says he hopes to return to school one day and finish his studies.

“I didn’t want to be wandering the streets doing nothing” he explains, adding he wanted to make sure people knew he was serious about his work.

Olatoyan will soon begin offering his own distinctive opinions on style and taste to customers.