Animal Rights Activists; Check Out This Absurd Naked Protest


In the busy centre of Barcelona, Spain, naked animal rights activists covered in fake blood, wrapped themselves in giant meat packaging in protest for animal exploitation, suffering and death.

Members of AnimaNaturalis in Spain staged the protest on Sunday, on Barcelona’s Sant Jaume plaza, they lay in polysterene trays and allowed themselves to be wrapped in clingfilm.

animal rights activists

Activists protested completely naked in the busy plaza, covered in fake blood and wrapped in transparent plastic – similarly to how meat is often packaged in supermarkets. The ‘packages’ were labelled “carne humana” which means human meat in Spanish.

The aim of the protest was to raise public awareness of the benefits of a meat-free diet that is “free from exploitation, animal suffering and death”.

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The 20 activists wanted to make a dramatic plea to people to adopt a meat-free diet, and therefore agreed to become packaged meat to raise public awareness and to remind Barcelona’s city council that their pledge should mean actions and not just words.

animal rights activists 2

Barcelona, is the first city in the world to officially declare itself vegan-friendly, and AnimaNaturalis claim that they have not done enough to implement the pledge.

Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain, said they wanted to draw the attention of the authorities of the city, which pledged in March to join global initiatives such as Paul McCartney’s ‘Meatless Monday’, but have not implemented anything yet.

Gascón said the environmental, health and ethical implications surrounding the consumption of meat is an issue that cannot be ignored anymore. The group says animals should be protected and consumers presented with food ‘that does not involve deaths or animal abuse.’

The organisation which said 60 billion animals a year are used for food, would like the government to commit at least one day to campaigning for a diet free of animal products, a small but important step.

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The animal rights activists encouraged everyone to leave meat off the plate and join the millions of people around the world who believe that a meatless day can make a difference. For the animals, for the planet, and for our health.