Woman Arrested For Killing Her Baby By Putting Him In Fridge


A 27-year-old mother Angela Blackwell, have been arrested and charged with homicide after she killed her four-old-son by putting him in a fridge for three hours.

According to police authorities, Ms. Blackwell, from South Carolina U.S, put her newborn son in the fridge for three hours in February, before taking him out and seeking medical attention. Emergency workers arrived to revive the boy but was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

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According to authorities, baby William died of hypothermia with asphyxiation from the cold. Angela Blackwell, now faces up to life imprisonment for killing the boy.

The incident took place on February 27 and the police had to wait this long so as to conduct extensive interviews with Blackwell’s family members before making an arrest.

Angela Blackwell
Angela Blackwell

Angela Blackwell  appeared in court Monday afternoon charged with homicide by child abuse. The judge then explained that because of the severity of the charges no bond could be set at the initial hearing, adjourning the hearing to November 10th.

The baby’s father, Jeff Lewis, told reporters Blackwell was “a good mum”. As it was gathered that the accused have another child. Authorities however, are yet to ascertain what may have led Blackwell to do what she did.

Blackwell’s friends and relatives, including her father-in-law, have however, publicly protested her innocence and described how she loves her kids too much to commit such a crime.

Her father-in-law, Billy Lewis, told reporters that Blackwell was sad around the time of her baby’s birth, but appeared to be cheered up after her son was born.

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“She didn’t do it. We don’t know who did it, but she didn’t do it,” said Mr Lewis, who added there were other people in the home.

Her other three-year-old son was taken into care by South Carolina Social Services after the arrest.