American Celebrities In African Attire Painting As You’ve Never Seen Them Before


This New York based Ghanaian, Dennis Owusu-Ansah, has taken Instagram by storm with his artistic paintings of top American celebrities in different Africa’s traditional attires, crowned with befitting title for each one of them.

With bright block colors contrasting intricate patterns, he transformed the images of the likes of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Drake, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce into powerful African icons in traditional dress and with traditional names.

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On his interview with CNN Owusu-Ansah explained how he got the inspiration

“After witnessing my friend get teased by a group of men for wearing a kente cloth on our way to church, I figured something must be done to change the perspective of people who are not familiar with the African culture,” he told CNN.

“They had no idea what my friend was wearing. One of the guys shouted ‘That man has a blanket wrapped around his body like it’s winter time.’ I saw this incident as an opportunity to educate people about who we are, and what we stand for through my art.”

In these paintings he gave each celebrity an African befitting name and he also seemed to know which attire fits their personality perfectly.

American Celebrities In African Attire Painting

 Beyonce has been named Beyonce Lankenua Carter.

African Beyounce


Chris Brown – Owusu-Ansah has renamed Chris Brown Chris Kofi Sarpong Brown.

African Chris Brown

Puff Daddy – Is named as Sean Puffy Nana Antwi

Puff Daddy


Drake is given the name – Drake Abdul- Salam Graham.



Jay Z – Chief Shawn “Ugonna” Jay Z Carter.

Chief Jay Z

Nicki Minaj –  aka, Nicki Maame Akua Amponsah.



Rick Ross –  Here he has created Mazi Odinnaka Rosey, formerly known as Rick Ross.

Rick Ross


Rihanna –  Here he has named Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Amahle Fenty



After that life-changing moment, 26-year-old Owusu-Ansah decided that he wanted his art to tell a story and for his audience to learn, “that Africa isn’t only about what the media portrays on television,” but that it is “a continent rich in history, diversity and traditions.”. He hoped that it will bring awareness to traditional culture, and allow people to start educating themselves and those around them in the African culture.

You can follow Owusu-Ansah on his Instagram at  to get more updates on his personal posts and works.