All You Need to Know About Used Cars, If You Must Buy One


It is not surprising that the number of cars on Nigerian streets is increasing alongside the population of the country. Everyone desires to ride in their own cars, irrespective of their current financial status. To that effect, most Nigerians do not mind settling down for used cars popularly called ‘belgium’, if they can not afford brand new ones (tear rubber). With this increase in demand for automobiles, selling second-hand cars in Nigeria has become a very lucrative business as, car merchants constantly need to deliver on the supply.

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Owning a car is important to the average Nigerian, as it helps in defining social status as well as provides transport convenience for the owner. To make an investment in a used car is quite a huge risk which needs to be well-thought out. Therefore, we are highlighting 5 hings you need to consider before making the big decision. As laid out by Efritin, one of Nigeria’s leading online automobile marketplace, these tips will help calm down your adrenaline rush to pay for that tokunbo car you just saw.

1. Price Analysis

You need to conduct a price analysis research for your choice of cars and fall back options. Check up the different prices of the particular car you want to buy before you lock down any deal – and of course you go for not necessarily the cheapest, but the most reasonable.

2. Stick to a Budget

Your budget should be reasonable taking into cognizance with your income, and even the long-run maintenance cost of the car. This should determine what kind of car you end up buying. Also consider how much more above the budget you are willing to go should the need arise and do not allow the persuasive nature of the car seller lure you into emptying your bank account, if that was not the initial plan.

used cars

3. Inspect the Car

After you must have made up your mind on your choice car, it is always advisable you physically check out the car thoroughly – in and out, before you start price negotiation. The state of the car should determine the price and the best way to check for the accurate state of any car is to get a good mechanic for the inspection. This part of the deal should not be boycotted except you want to get heartbroken after making a deal with the seller over the phone and getting a worn out vehicle.

4. Study the Car

Just like people inquire about the person they want to marry, ask questions about the car you want to make yours. Find out why they want to sell the car, what needs to be fixed, when the car was bought and where, the mileage on the car, and what papers are available for the change of ownership of car. These questions would determine if you will go ahead with purchasing the vehicle or not. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to end up with a stolen car.

5. Purchase the Car Without Cash

The whole car purchase process should not be done in a hurry, because once payment is made refund is almost not possible. Pay for the car using any other means except cash transactions after you are 100 per cent sure of the decision. Bank deposit or online transfer is ideal as it will help establish records for the transaction as well as provide you with evidence of transfer of ownership.

I hope you find this tips useful. Good luck in your next purchase.

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