Ali Nuhu Shares His Thoughts On The Ban Of Rahama Sadua


Following the shocking expulsion of Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadua, another Hausa movie star, Ali Nuhu has shared his thoughts on the ban issue.

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In an interview with Daily Trust, the top Kannywood actor described the ban as a logical one, however, he mentioned that it was an extreme judgment where a suspension would have sent a better message to the accused.

“I think that the ban is logical. She belongs to Kannywood, started her career in Kannywood and has violated the ethics and code of conduct of Kannywood by holding hands and falling on the guy’s back,” he said.

“But I don’t think she should be banned.  Maybe a suspension. There are situations where people create big things out of small ones. That is why before deciding to do something, one needs to think,” he added.

This statement must have been fuelled by Sadau’s fan and followers who accused Ali Nuhu of portraying more immoral pictures in his movies than Sadua. They also described MOPPAN as being selective for not expelling Nuhu for his romantic characters.

Ali Nuhu speaks up for Rahama Sadua
Rahama Sadua

Speaking about  critics, the actor said, “About photographs of me in scenes with females, those are from Nollywood movies, many years old, and this code came into light recently, so people shouldn’t think MOPPAN is being selective.”

The ban of the actress was released in a statement issued on Sunday, October 2, 2016, by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, and signed by the Secretary of the Association, Salisu Mohammed.

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Two days later, Sadua released a letter addressing the unexpected expulsion and apologizing to the people she may have offended. The Jos artiste Classiq, who’s video started this whole uproar, also expressed shock, stating it is not a good thing that the talented actress was banned from Kannywood because of his music video.

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