Aisha Buhari: I Have Never And Will Not Collect Gifts From Anyone


I Have never And Will Not Collect Gifts From Anyone – Aisha Buhari Firmly States

Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, has stated that she has not received any gift from anyone since becoming the President’s wife.

Mrs. Buhari, made the disclosure at the unveiling of a new campaign against graft tagged, “Women Against Corruption” in Abuja, today.

The President’s wife said that she did not also intend to collect gifts as the wife of the president even in the future.

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Aisha Buhari in her statement said:

“People have been trying to bring some gift items to me but I have not been collecting them.

“Right from when I was campaigning with the Wife of the Vice President for our husbands, we did not take a dime from anyone and we have continued like that till today.

“I have never collected any gift and I am not ready to do so even in the future.”

The Wife of the President after making the remark received thunderous applause from the audience. made up of top government officials, outstanding Nigerians

The audience was made up of top government officials, outstanding Nigerian women as well as businessmen.

Meanwhile, the Wife of the former President Goodluck Jonathan has been embattled by the EFCC over allegations of graft and money laundering.

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) in an attempt to justify Dame Patience’s position alleged that Patience Jonathan made her money from gifts and gratification.

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The IYC had said:

“They receive a lot of thank you and gratifications because most cases they recommend people who come back to thank them.

“Even when they do not recommend, people go and say good morning with a million dollar.

“It did not start with Patience Jonathan.

“We know how influential the former First Lady of this country and other First Ladies were. |

“We know how powerful, rich and wealthy they are and the property they acquired as a result of gratification.

“If you say Patience should show how she made her money, you must start with all the First Ladies, otherwise, it is a witch-hunt.

“Patience Jonathan got her wealth from thank you and there is nowhere in the law that says we should not receive thank you.