Hausa Actress Rahama Says Marriage Will Never Stop Her Career 


Top Kannywood banned actress, Rahama Sadau revealed she will not quit her acting career for marriage in a chat with journalist Morakinyo Olugbiji.

The star actress has more than become famous despite being banned from acting in the Hausa movie industry, Kannywood for hugging the musician, ClassiQ in a love-scene music video. It became a media scandal as many fans called for Miss Sadau to be punished for breaking the rules of the film industry.

Even though she apologised for her behaviour and those it might have offended, there was no reneged on the decision taken by the Hausa movie makers to remove Rahama permanently from the industry.

However, the actress has long been consoled by garnering a role in an upcoming Nollywood TV show as well as getting invitation to Hollywood by US star, Akon.

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Speaking with the Journalist, the actress said:

“No, no, no! I won’t do that. I can’t quit acting for marriage.

“Whoever sees me now and say he wants to marry me, has definitely seen what I do. So, we need to decide whether he can bear me doing this as his wife or not. That’s it. Marriage cannot stop me.

“Yes, yes it’s true! that once you are married, you will not be able to act again. But in my own case, I’d say no because there are politicians that are working mothers.

“And this is the same with journalists and broadcasters that are working mothers. Are they not all media people, so what happens to we actresses? Why? That’s my own challenge I’m posing. why? So in my own case, I say no!”

This shows how much passion a woman can dedicate into building her career and standing out in a competitive world.

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