Could This Be Love? Rescued 9-Year-Old Takes Extreme Action Because She Wants To Return To Boko Haram Husband


A 9-year-old girl rescued from Boko Haram militants in the Sambisa forest in Maiduguri, Borno state, was reported to have said she wanted to go back to Sambisa to be with her ‘husband’ who is a member of the dreaded terrorist sect.

This was disclosed on May 7th, when Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state visited the headquarters of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, Maimalari Cantonment, for the official handover of the rescued Boko Haram hostages by the General Officer Commanding (GOC), Major General Victor Ezegwu.

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To prove her seriousness, Vanguard reports that the 9-year-old girl rescued from Sambisa forest embarked on a hunger strike insisting that she wanted to go back and reunite with her Boko Haram husband in Sambisa. The girl, who was among the 65 hostages released from Boko Ha­ram hideouts in Sambisa forest continuously cried to return to her husband during the handing over of the hostages by the military to the state governor.

9-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Boko Haram Net. {File Shot}

The governor described the development as sad attributing the action of the little girl to excessive indoctrination as many of them claimed they have been with the sect for the past three years, and were willing to go back to Sambisa to meet their husbands. He said

“Imagine a small girl who is just nine years old crying to return to her Boko Haram husband in the bush to continue with the life of terrorists. This clearly shows the insurgents have been indoctrinating their captives and hostages.”

Governor Shettima also made it known that 12 other rescued girls were discovered to be pregnant while others already had babies.

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The action of the 9-year-old girl rescued from the clutches of the terrorists came just a few months after another girl, Zara John, 16, disclosed that she was still in love with one of the insurgents, nearly one year after her rescue from their captivity.

Zara was excited when she found out that she was carrying his child, after a urine and blood test carried out by a doctor in the refugee camp to which she was taken after her rescue. She was quoted as saying:

“I wanted to give birth to my child so that I can have someone to replace his father, since I cannot reconnect with him again.”