60 Things That Made The Childhood Of An Average Nigerian Memorable


Most Nigerians who grew up within the country before 1995 will testify to the fact that the new generation kids are not having as much fun as the older folks. Back in those those, children got involved in a lot of really fun games – outdoors and indoors and had mad fun even without technology. Surprisingly, no one advertised these game on TV but most of them were played by children nationwide, even play songs too. The spread probably occurred as a result of children who traveled to new locations.

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They taught their new friends games and songs from their communities and also learnt new ones from them. There were a couple of other things experienced by a handful of the older generation of Nigerians that kids of these days will never know about. Let’s take a quick look at the list of games/things that made our childhood memorable.


1. War start

2. Who Is In the Garden? A little small fine girl/boy

3. Police And Thief

4. Hide and seek

5. Ten Ten

6. In and Out, together

7. Obi, chikaobi, obi out

8. Suwe game

9. Tinco Tinco

10. Change your style

11. Oga

12. Swear

13. Pion Pion Pion (gun sound)

14. Skipping

15. Mr Marcaroni

16. Mummy & Daddy play



17. Tin tin tin fly away, fly away.

18. Kpoju Kpoju mo, o, akara mo, o.

19. Sandalili Sandalili

20. Cheke leke give me one better finger

21. Amina, amina tauro, a lazy girl

22. My kone kone, my jack ass, my enemy

23. Who thief my needle? danger

24. Oh Maria

25. Who sabi swim water? I sabi swim water

26. Tinini tanana tico obi am ma

27. Woman by the railway, basket on her head

28. My mother told me, that she will buy me, another dolly . . .


29. Eze goes to school

30. Ali and Simbi

31. Agbo and Gbenga

32. Edet and Mr Bassey

33. Emeka, Kunle and Wakama

34. Ralia


35. Sakobi The Snake Girl

36. Votron

37. Nneka The Pretty Serpent

38. Power Rangers

39. Willi Willi

40. Jagwa

41. Atom Ant

42. Tales by Moon Night

43. Ruth and Rachel

44. I Need To know

Other Activities/Trends 

sand house

45. We used our feet to build house with sand

46. Used 50 Kobo to buy Choco milo, Goody Goody and Nasco biscuit

47. Wore Akwaoche material (carpenter’s chair material)

48. Lined up in school for inspection of nails and uniforms before marching to our classrooms

49. The days of Computer Socks, kitto sandals and basket shoes

50. We used to fly kites made from paper and broom sticks

51. Use paint bucket cover as wheels & disfigured hanger as steering or with tire and stick.

52. Used rubber band for stock exchange

53. Used mineral bottle cocks as football players

54. Used Eleganza pen

55. Drank iced colored water tied in nylon in the name of ice cream

56. Cooked play play food using flowers, sticks and millipedes and then pretended to eat it through the throat.

57. Drank Soda water, Ginger Air and Crush

58. Drank Water directly from the tap and even suck it out of the tap if it wasn’t running.

59. Waited for NTA to show rainbow colour for 30 minutes, then the national anthem, before showing any programme on the avilable Black and White TV

60. Bathed naked under the rain.


If you are smiling right now you probably had a memorable childhood with the above experiences, but if you don’t get the joke, it means you were born just yesterday.

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