5 Revealing Truths That Freelance Bloggers Won’t Tell You


Freelance Blogging is one of the most striving platforms for both young and experienced writers, as well as an escape route for unemployment in Nigeria. It has created its own medium where writers express their thoughts easily. However, it is not so convenient for everyone who owns a blog and calls himself a blogger, to create a niche and get massive popularity and millions of page views.

The likes of Lindaikeji.com and Bellanaija.com, who are ranked among top blogs in Nigeria, has given blogging a new face and hope to up-coming bloggers, saying blogging is not a waste of time after all. Just like in every other industry, there are certain secrets that only members of the inner caucus in the blog world share, but this article will hint on that. Everyday, new things pop up unconventionally and to keep up with the pace you need to upgrade to the next phase. Here are truths every blogger sould know, to help your career get to where it ought to be.

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1. The New World Order Now Rules

In this new world era where the media rules, nothing is the same again. A 13-year old can own a blog, sit in his room and control the literary materials that people consume. He does not need to spend much effort to turn a hobby of blogging into multi-billion naira business. This is because no one needs to go through a traditional editor and publisher to get written works published. It’s now a matter of get with it or get lost in it. Blogging is the new Media House.

2. Headline Hacks Works Like Magic

Headline hacks are smart ways of stealing headlines from much more popular posts and using them to fit your needs so they can go viral in the same manner. This is one strategy that freelance bloggers will not share with each other, but often use it because it works like voodoo. Try studying a specific topic of posts and watch the similarities in these headlines. Even the music industry knows this secret and utilizes it as well, by remixing old popular songs by other artistes and sharing in the glory.

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3. There is a Specific System for Everyone

You need to find out what work best for you. You can pay Bellanaija for a Masterpiece article and still not get half as much page views as her site. Every blog has an audience, and once you are able to identify your niche, stick to it and be known for it. Although, most popular sites post articles from more than five categories, you need to have a style of writing so that once a reader comes across your article, they have a sense of feeling that it’s yours.

4. There is Money in Freelance Blogging

Whether from Google ad-sense, adverts slots or just producing content, you can build your way up to wealth via blogging. The secret is not just the content of your articles but the consistency in your publications. Plan, be strategic and execute in your best way possible. If you fail, don’t stop trying. Linda Ikeji did not buy a jeep after one week of blogging, she was consistent for years before her hard work finally paid off.

5. Whatever You Need to Learn Can be Self Taught

Just like no one taught you how to use your smart phone, no one can teach you all you need to know about blogging as much as you can teach your self. It’s a simple and experimental dashboard right in front of you. Everything you need to know is there and some others are found in books and online journals. Write as if you have the last pen on land. Use the best templates for your blog that suits the niche you have carved for yourself. Be consistent and engage your readers – this is all you need to be the best blogger of the year. All the best!

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