5 Myths About Bluetooth Devices You Should Disregard


There are some Bluetooth-related myths that people swallow hook, line and sinker, without asking questions or clarifying facts surrounding it. Just like there are a couple of random myths that sound quite funny and stupid yet people believe them. This article will help enlighten you about this technological myth.

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Since Bluetooth became popular, there have been so many beliefs that people have held on to. It’s time to drop this false belief in order to fully enjoy the benefits this pairing device offers. Let’s go through the myths.

1. Bluetooth is Unhealthy


Most people say using Bluetooth regularly has some side effects. However, health experts are yet to confirm if the radiations from smartphones are harmful or not. Until they do, it remains a myth and should be ignored. Meanwhile, more people are subscribing to using the headset as it is safer than receiving calls directly via phones.

2. It kills Battery Faster

Some people assume that as long as their Bluetooth is on, it will continue to drain their battery. This is not true. Whether on or off, Bluetooth has no impact on the battery. Luckily, smartphones now come with Low Energy Module which allows you to send and receive files without the phone shedding any battery.

3. It Only Functions in Small rooms


This is another widely accepted myth. The device can work anywhere as walls are not barriers, only distance is. Meanwhile, there are now three classes of Bluetooth that can transfer files over a wide distance range.

Class 1 devices have a range of around 100 metres, class 2 has a range of around 10 metres while class 3 has a range of fewer than 10 metres.

Most smartphones and tablets use class 2 or 3. However,  people can still receive and transfer files from one end of a large hall to the other.

4. Undiscoverable Mode Is Secured

The invisibility of your device does not promote phone security. Even if it cannot be found by other devices it is still not safe, so the best bet is to switch off the Bluetooth entirely when not in use. If it is on, your phone can be hacked because the Bluetooth Device Address (BDA) might be hidden in non-discoverable mode and hackers can take advantage of this loophole.

5. It Interferes With Wifi


Another myth is having the belief that Bluetooth and WiFi may clash. However, the people who hold on to this myth do so because they both technologies broadcast on the same wireless frequency, which is 2.4 GHz radio frequency.

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This is not the case because Bluetooth is super-fast and jumps over other devices to prevent any interference without dropping in speed.