5+ Most Expensive Phones In The World: Luxury (Diamonds) Encrypt


There are phone and then there are Phones. Some phones are just more than other phones cos let’s face it, all human beings are equal but some are more equal than others. In a century where everything has to be fast and flashy, there are phones that are more beautifully made. These bling bling phones are encrusted with gold and diamonds for lovers of luxury and the richest amongst us. Mobile phones such as: Diamond Rose iPhone4 32GB, iPhone 3G King’s Button, Goldvish “Le Million”, Supreme Goldstricker iPhone 3G 32GB; Diamond Crypto Smartphone; Gresso luxor las vegas jackpot. Unless money grows like grass at your backyard, you can only fantasize about these insanely high-priced phones, but then dreaming is free right? Take a look!

#6 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

las vega jackpot

Designer: Gresso (Russian company)                                                                                                           Worth: $1 Million

Description: 180g solid gold frame embedded with 45.5ct black diamond pieces at the bezel and a back panel carved out of 200 years old polished wood. Wow! it doesn’t look so captivating does it? But trust me it may be worth more than all you own.

#5 Diamond Crypto Smartphone


Designer: Peter Aloisson                                                                                                                                 Worth: US$1.3 million

Description: Platinum encrusted with 50 diamond pieces including 10 blue diamonds and another one crafted with rose gold. Gives security against kidnapping and technological bribery.

#4 GoldVish”Le Million” 


Designer:  Emmanuel Gueit                                                                                                                             Worth: £1 Million and US$1.3 Million.

Description: Listed in Guinness book of records as world’s most expensive phone, Scalloped with diamonds and the purest white gold, The shear luxury will definitely transmit your emotions, giving you that fantasy moment. It also comes in Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold encrusted with diamonds.

#3 iPhone 3G King’s Button    


Designer: Peter Aloisson                                                                                                                     Worth: £1,790,000; US$2.4 Million

Description: Made of 18ct yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. White gold lining aligned with 138 pieces of diamonds. Plus 6.6 ct diamond home button.

#2 Supreme Goldstricker iPhone 3G 32GB  
iPhone 3GS Supreme                                                                                       

Designer: Stuart Hughes                                                                                                                Worth: £1.93 Million ; $2.81 Million

Description: Encrusted with 136 f diamonds, 271 g of 22 ct rose gold and 7.1 ct diamond set on the button of the phone. It also comes in a gold casing.

#1 Diamond Rose iPhone4 32GB


Designer:  Stuart Hughes                                                                                                                                  Worth: US$8 Million

Description: Diamonds encrusted sides (500 pieces), gold casing with 53 diamond pieces embedded on the apple logo. The center navigation button is made of a single cut 7.4 ct black diamond. It was also made in rose gold or platinum casing with pink diamond as the menu button.