5 Funny Reasons Why Nigerian Women Should Propose To Their Men


1. Dare To Be Different

99.9% of marriage proposals are done by the male folks even though the ideas are initiated by the female. Instead of waiting for the conventional marriage proposal of going on his knees to pop the question, you can take charge and save him the trouble. This might even make you the talk of town – you will be tagged “daring and different”. This idea might sound little bit out-of-place, but you can think it through and give it a shot.

2. Men Appreciate Women Who Can Go An Extra Mile For Them

Just like little boys who love to be adored by their moms, men want to be pampered by the women they are dating. They also crave special attention and need to be assured their woman can go an extra mile for them. All you need to do is to gather the courage to go on your knees and tell him how much you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

3. A Woman Can Do It Better


We have seen several proposal scenarios and guys are beginning to exhaust proposal ideas. Women are known to be good at anything they set their mind to do and this is not an exception – what a man can do a woman can do better.

4. Time Isn’t On Your Side

There is so much pressure on young Nigerian women to get married and most times this leads to hanging out with the wrong dude all in the name of marriage. As long as you are sure he is the right guy for you, why wait? Go ahead and seal your relationship with a ring.

5. Other Women Want Your Man

There are fewer men available for the increasing number of single searching ladies. If you’ve have one who is a bit comfortable and not too bad-looking you better put a chain on his neck or like they say in Calabar…cook him some nice vegetables. The competition is high, and girls are not smiling. Every girl wants to be hooked up, so you have to up your game. He might love you so much, but might be too busy making money to think about marriage. But if a girl outsmarts you to the task, your boo might just move on with the plan and you will be history.

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