3 Smart Ways To Build 3 Years Work Experience In A Single Year


Unemployment in Nigeria is on the rise due to some basic factors that include, unavailability of jobs and unavailability of candidates with the required job experience. In our previous article we talked about Job Search tips for graduates who desire a dream Job, and one major aspect highlighted was the preparation of curriculum vitae. Most job recruitment require nothing less than two to three years working experience, and a high number of graduates are inexperienced and so miss several job opportunities of this kind.

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A fresh graduate may not have had long-term experience of a particular job but may have learnt more and achieved more than some other person with longer years of experience. This becomes an issue as to who is more experienced and qualified for a job, it also brings confusion when preparing a CV. A curriculum vitae is a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications. It is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters and is used to screen applicants for an interview or aptitude test. This is why it is important that your CV meets the expected years of experience in order not to be screened out.

In as much as there is no perfect CV, an impressive CV with the needed qualification is as good as perfect. This article highlights how to land a job of your choice by upgrading a one year work experience to a three year experience. It is no trick, neither is it mischievous, it is a legal and a nice way to apply wisdom in writing your CV.


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1. Apply the Mathematics of Time & Frequency

In mathematics, the concept of time and frequency are related. You can buy time by an increase in frequency. This is to say that the number of times you do a particular task (frequency) is the same as the duration of time you have done that task. For instance a fresh graduate writer who has worked for one year and has written 300 articles within that time frame is equivalent to a writer who has worked for three years and has written 100 articles within that time frame. So if a company is recruiting a Web Content Developer and the requirement is three years, both candidates are eligible to apply based on their experience in relation to time and frequency. But in the real sense, using this simple mathematics, the fresh graduate has more experience than the other man and is more qualified for the job.

2. Include Volunteer Jobs

A lot of fresh graduates do not include volunteer jobs in their CV. They see it as unimportant probably because they were not paid while doing those jobs. Job experience has nothing to do with “pay,” it has everything to do with what you know and can do. Every Nigerian graduate that has gone through the National Youth Service Corps Orientation Programme already has one year job experience that can be added to their previous of future experience. A Platoon leader in camp is as good as a managerial position in a bank, so when you are asked in an interview if you have held any managerial position, the answer should be “YES”.

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3. Every Single Experience Counts

When applying for jobs seeking three years experience or more, do not forget to add prior experiences no matter how small they may have been. If you have been doing daily domestic chores like cleaning, cooking, budgeting, and shopping, at home for five years, you are qualified to apply for a Home Economics Consultant job that requires three to five years. If you were in a debate club in school, add it. The number of years you were there can add up to the number of years you were a course rep, and that might sum up to the total required number of years needed to get a job as a radio presenter or a spokesman.

No knowledge is a waste, and if you remember this fact, you will remember to include every single significant experience in your resume, because you never can tell which will attract an interview. So the next time you see a job requiring three or more years of work experience, and you are a fresh graduate, do not let it pass. Be confident enough to apply using the above tips to tweak your CV to fit into the job.

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