NYSC 2015 Batch A Corps Members to Pass Out on April 14th, 2016


Since January this year, there has been rumors about the actual date of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) 2015 Batch A Passing out Parade, popularly called POP.  However, the Director General of NYSC has cleared all doubts and watered down the false rumor spread by the Local Inspectors (LI) of some local government across the nation. According to information posted on the National Youth Service Corps website, the POP for the 2015 Batch A Corps Members will hold on the 14th of April, 2016 across all 36 states in the federation.

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While, some Nigerians still doubt the usefulness of this scheme, which was launched in 1973, millions of  young Nigerian graduates have benefited from the scheme, using it as their first experience and learning platform in the real world. Although the monthly allowance (allawee) of N19,800 is barely enough to feed Corps members, it is way better than nothing and places corps members at an advantaged position compared to unemployed graduates. After toiling under the sun, and in the rain for 11 months, the struggle is almost over for the 2015 Batch A Corps members.

According to the circular being passed across different local governments in the country, the winding out ceremony would be low key, as their won’t be the usual parade. Also, there won’t be the normal three weeks leave before the actual terminal leave for Corpers. Therefore, Corps members are expected to still report to their respective Place of Primary Assignment, PPA, until 14th April when certificates would be issued.


Meanwhile, Job Creation Awareness (JAC) week begins on March 31st 2016, and attendance is mandatory for all passing out Corps members. The form 2B is already being shared, and Corps members are advised to get their copies from their respective Community Development Service (CDS) groups, get it signed by the head of departments in their PPA and submit to their CDS coordinator in due time.

While 2015 Batch A passes out in a few weeks, 2016 Batch A Orientation Course (Stream I) begins on 1st April – 20th April, 2016  while stream 2 opens on 27th April – 16th May, 2016. However, NYSC has announced that it will re-open orientation camps in crisis states like Adamawa, Borno and Yobe before the end of 2016.

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