20 Ridiculous Things Applicants Do To Get Noticed By Human Resource Managers


Standing out of the crowd is something you must do, especially if you are job-hunting in a country like Nigeria. This is a country where every reputable organisation is besieged with CV’s on a daily basis because of the endemic unemployment situation in the nation. Banks, private firms, Federal parastatals, etc, get more than they can possibly handle in terms of human population each time they put out adverts to the public. Most of them now go through recruiters to help them do the selection in a bid to avoid the “traffic jam” that occurs in their office complex.

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In view of all these – when you have 7,000 people sitting for a job test which requires 12 or 15 persons, how do you ensure that you will be noticed or even selected? Applicants nowadays resort to the most bizarre things in a bid to get noticed by recruiters. Stunts may catch an employer’s attention, but they can also backfire and cost you the job. Employers like creativity, but they also want to know that you’re serious about the opportunity.

In a survey to find out the most unusual ways job seekers have tried to capture the attention of their would-be employers, we discovered 14 vey funny and most ridiculous methods they employ. Some worked, while others backfired. See below:

1. Going to the recruiters favorite restaurant and paying up the bill.

2. Burning up a corner of their resume to show “burning passion” for the job.

3. Writing the application letter to look like an invitation to hire (more like a wedding IV) instead of a request.

4. Having your child call the HR ahead of the interview to say “thank you for giving her dad a job.”

5. Sending a cake to the HR with the words “Congratulations! (candidate’s name) got the job!”

6. Writing out “top ten” reasons to hire them and attaching it with the application letter.

7. Answering a “supposed call” during the interview and stating that another company was calling to discuss a job offer.

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8. Buying expensive gifts for the interviewers and giving it to them before or after the interview.

9. Showing up in a white shirt and a red T-shirt underneath which has the message – “You need me in your company.”

10. Asking for a “selfie” with the interviewers – in anticipation of working with them.

11. Finding your way to your interviewer’s house and offering to do their chores. The problem is they did not give you their address.

12. Trying to prove you are intelligent and lying all the while.

13. Going to the interview with a guitar and performing on the guitar about being the best candidate.

14. Submitting your resume with a gift-wrapped.

15. Doing a presentation (with pictorial evidence) of their relatives who have worked at the company in the past.

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phone call

16. Asking to be interviewed in a different language (foreign or local).

17. Bringing props into the interview and pulling them out as they are relevant in the questions/answers.

18. Constructing a new billboard outside the company’s complex.

19. Back-flipping into the interview room.

20. Repairing a piece of the company’s equipment during the first interview.