10-Year Old Jani Wins 1.9 Million Naira


You’d probably think you are smarter than every 10-year old on the planet, but I’m sorry, you are wrong. I bet you wont want to run any sort of basic tech tests or even an IQ Test with this kid. 10-year old Jani (whose last name is yet to be officially released) who is Finnish by birth has taken even the canniest of hackers by surprise.

The 10-year old tech whiz kid has won himself an impressive $10,000 (N1.9 million) after he successfully hacked Instagram. Jani has just become the youngest ever recipient of cash from Facebook for hacking its products.

The previous record was held by a 13-year old back in 2013, meaning this latest hacker is the first person to crack a Facebook product that they aren’t technically even able to use.

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The 10-year old, who lives in Helsinki with his parents detected a bug that allowed him edit any comment or caption on Instagram. At age 10, Jani who is yet too young to even own a Facebook or Instagram account had to demonstrate the hack without bothering to log into an account.

“I could’ve deleted anyone’s, like Justin Bieber’s comments from there,” he said.

He said that he was initially interested in coding video games but then “started to get interested in information security and started watching YouTube videos on it.”

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Facebook who are the owners of Instagram, run a massive bounty program, put in place for those who point out flaws within its app setup. Back in February, the company announced that it had paid roughly around $4.3 million in rewards to over 800 security researchers since 2011 when the program came into existence. Other big companies like Microsoft and Google also have these arrangements in place.

This feat is unprecedented judging by the age of the “researcher” who isn’t even old enough to be on the app platform. As young and intelligent as he is, 10-year old Jani says he would spend his money on getting himself a new bike.