10 Tips on How to Spend Less on a Wedding


When Robert Browning said “Less is more,” he was thinking about “wedding ceremony” aside other things he had in mind. Finding a life partner is a tedious process, marrying him or her is another journey that requires so much financial commitment.

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More money is also needed to sustain the newly wed after the wedding so people planning to hold big wedding ceremonies should have a rethink about the consequences of overspending. There are a lot of things you could save on and still have a romantic big day to remember.

Whether it is a traditional or white wedding, you do not need to break a bank or impress the society with your life savings. As long as you have a good atmosphere, your spouse, the priest, village elders, and immediate family members of the couple, your marriage will turn out great.

These Tips Will Help You Spend Less

1. Shorten  Your Guest List

The smaller the crowd, the lesser money you will spend on food, drinks, chairs and souvenirs. So the first thing to achieving a low budget wedding is to limit your invitation to only the people that matter. Invite only the people whose presence will be obviously felt if they are not there.

It is supposed to be a happy day, so invite people who care about you and people who will make you happy. All your friends, or people who claim to be, are not needed in your wedding – 10 besties are worth more than a hundred acquaintances.


Spend Less at Wedding

2. Use Online Invitations

Wedding cards are very expensive these days and you obviously will not meet every guest in person to hand them the card, so why print them? If you are planning a 200 guest wedding, make 50 cards for the Very Important Persons (V.I.P), only. The rest can receive the good news via emails, text messages, bulk SMS and social media chats.

If you must print cards, keep the design minimal. It’s just like a letter passing on an information and will be thrashed in no time.

3. Ask Friends For Help

There is no harm in asking your friends to help you with your wedding, you can’t possibly pay for everything. You probably might know one or two people who bake, cook and decorate. If you contract them you will be paying less, more like paying for the materials to get the work done and not necessarily for the service. Even your wedding picture can be taken with a good camera by a friend who is good with handling the gadget.

4. Borrow Some Things

You can rent a wedding gown rather than buy one to save cost. You can also rent chairs, plates and some other things that some people will normally buy. If you want to hang on to your dress after the day then consider buying a pre-owned dress from a local bridal consignment shop or online.

 5. Serve Good But Small Meals

Even though in Nigeria, wedding guests tend to eat and take home, food is not the primary aim of a wedding. A buffet will cost you less than a full menu. If you fill it with interesting original dishes, no one will find anything wrong with that. For a traditional marriage, you can add native dishes, eg – abacha for an Igbo ceremony, kunu for a Hausa ceremony and something like agidi for the Yorubas.


Spend Less at Wedding

6. Minimize Decorations

Decorations are very important to brides, but they can really eat up a huge part of your wedding bill. In order to cut this cost down, use less flowers and more of satins and ribbons.

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Make it colourful and well arranged and the venue will look as nice as those with large investments.

7. Hair and Makeup

If you can do your own hair and makeup every day and for some special occasions, you can do your hair and makeup yourself for your wedding as well. There’s nothing wrong with that and it saves a lot of money. There are a lot of DIY wedding hairstyles that you could try. You can also get a friend who is better in the art to make you up for the big day at a little or no cost.

Spend Less at Wedding

8. Use Cheap Venue

The average price of wedding halls in most cities in Nigeria is about N300,000 and above – money that can be used to rent a two bedroom flat for a year. Outdoor venues are cheaper and require less decoration especially if it’s in a park or open field, so reconsider your choice of venue.

9. Create Unique Souvenir

Appreciating your guest with a gift token is not a bad idea, however, it is not mandatory. It’s fun and original to give inexpensive and rare gifts that your guests will always remember. Put your creativity at work here.

Spend Less at Wedding
Wedding Souvenir

10. Ask for Discounts

Don’t be shy to ask for discounts when planning your wedding. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to give you a discount just because you’re getting married. Whatever you’re paying for, mention that you’re getting married and ask if you can have a discount. Even if you don’t get it – there’s no harm in asking.

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In a nut shell, planning a wedding requires budgeting, so make sure you have a list of everything you need and allocate the money wisely. Also keep in mind that you will need some money for your honeymoon. Best wishes!