10 Things People Use To Judge Your Personality


Your life is shaped by your spirituality, habits, personality and experience. When people meet you, especially for the very first time, they tend to instantly detect your kind of person and judge your personality based on some things they see. These things may not be pronounced or in their face, but as little as rolling your eyes seem to be, it can play a huge role in the way people see you.

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Therefore, it is important that as much as we try to inculcate good habits into our lifestyles, we should also take note of these very little things that may ruin our personality if people see them as a red flag. Paying attention to these things may even help evaluate if someone wants to pursue an intimate relationship with you or not. This judgment of character could be helpful also on major decisions such as employing you or trusting you with a project. Although they may seem insignificant, people judge your personality and determine who you are and who you might not be, based on these following things.

1. Your Dressing

April 7, 2011: Will Smith is photographed filming , 'Men in Black III' in New York City, today. Credit: INFphoto.com Ref.: infusny-131/155

A lawyer is easy to identify at a hearing, same with the prostitute in the witness box. Dressing cannot be over emphasized; your dressing speaks loudly about who you are, which also translates to determine how people will treat you. So if you want to be seen as important, dress the part.

2. Your Favorites Colors

According to an article on Psychology Today, in making choices of clothes and other possessions, your best colors say a lot about you. People who frequently choose black are sensitive, artistic and attentive to details, while those who love red live life to the fullest and are proactive in their endeavors. Green is loyal and affectionate, while white means you are organized and logical. People who have blue as their favorite color are stable, sensitive and are considerate of others. What color did we miss out?

3. Your Nails

biting nails

The Status of your nails is a quick give away of your personality. Unclean and untrimmed nails means you are either dirty or unconcerned about your look. Extremely short nails, as a result of chewing, says you are impatient, usually bored, frustrated and dissatisfied with life generally. According to a research, it is suggested that those who bite their nails tend to be perfectionists, and often get tense and nervous. You cannot say you are none of the above and still chew your nails, because people will interpret it that way based on their natural instinct of what they observe.

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4. Your Value For Time

According to Louis XVIII, punctuality is the politeness of kings. How early or late you show up for an appointment or a meeting could form an impression, either negative or positive, about your personality. Being late for an important meeting means you are creating a negative impression about who you are, while being early for an appointment means you are considerate about other people’s time, and are both mentally organized and self-motivated. Although Nigerians have their own time, learn not to be a citizen when it comes to time-keeping.

 5. Your Handwriting


According to a research conducted by the National Pen Company, the way someone writes and the size of their handwriting can tell certain things about the person. People with small handwriting tend to be shy, meticulous and studious while larger handwriting is for people who are more outgoing and always want to be seen or heard. Those who take things seriously put more pressure on the pen when they write, while light-handed writers are naturally more sensitive and empathetic.

6. Your Eyes

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul. Your eyes can tell a lot about you, what you are thinking and feeling. According to studies, people with blue eyes are less agreeable and more likely to be alcoholics than people with darker eyes. Another way the eye gives you away is that lack of steady eye contact would reveal a lack of self-control and a weak will. Unsteady eye contact can also mean you are shy, lying, deceptive insincere.

7. Your Handshake

handshake isolated on blue background

It has been discovered that people with a strong handshake exude confidence and reflect a strong and confident character. Such people are also more likely to be extroverted, being expressive of their emotions, and less likely to be phlegmatic. On the other hand, people with weak handshakes, lack confidence and always tend to want the easy way out of a challenge.

8. Your Shoes

People can correctly judge you just by looking at your shoes. With a simple analysis of the estimated cost, style, color and condition of your shoe, someone can guess about 90% of the your personal characteristic such as your income, political affiliation, gender, style and even your age.

9.  Your Smile


People who smile a lot are happy people and anyone who always see you smiling will conclude that you happy. A smile is also contagious, it helps build intimacy, confidence and assurance. When you smile at a stranger, s/he instantly takes a liking to you and that alone is a pass mark on your personality.

10. Your Vocabulary

Just like your words on paper, your words in audio speaks volume about you. From the way you talk, words you say, how you pronounce them and even the accent you use, tells people if you are learned, vulgar, kind and sophisticated. If you have mother tongue interference, people will conclude you grew up in the village. If you have a foreign accent, they tend to warm up to you more, assuming you must have traveled a lot to talk with a borrowed tongue. In conclusion, if you talk with a lisp, people will tune off easily from your conversations and will not take your words seriously. They basically will judge and dismiss your diction.

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