10 Golden Rules For A Newbie In A Typical Nigerian Office


After attending numerous interviews and finally securing a job in Nigeria, the last thing you would want is to disregard that great opportunity of being employed.

Every new staff in an organization, whether in a micro or grand firm, needs to be guided by some rules in other to make a first good impression, build a healthy relationship with colleagues, be the best at all times and enjoy the entire working experience.

These 10 tips are helpful to a newbie in any Nigerian work environment.

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1. Be Presentable


First things first; dress smart. The way you dress is surely the way you will be addressed. Keep in tune with the overall dress code of the office, if there’s any. If you are not sure of how to appear on your first day, wear a semi-corporate outfit. That way, you will not be totally out-of-place if it turns out you needed to be formally or informally dressed. The following are a NO-NO – miniskirts, crop tops, low waist jeans, sagging or stilettos.

Your first impression matters a lot, so pay attention to your hair, shoes and bag as well. Have it at the back of your mind that your first few days at the job will be spent meeting with department heads and senior colleagues – be on point.

2. Wait To Be Assigned A Work Station

Most offices need to get a work station ready after the newly recruited has already entered the building. However, if your table is still under preparation, you can politely ask for a temporary place to sit. Do not express annoyance if a permanent seating arrangement is not worked out for you days after your resumption. When you are finally settled, wait for the next instruction from the person directly in charge of you. Don’t assume you already know what to do.

3. Don’t Glue Your Eyes To The Clock

The first few days at work will be boring and strict, since you are still getting acquainted with the job and people. The entire office will  watch to see what time you start packing up to go home. It is an unwritten rule that the newest person waits for a few minutes after the last person to head home, at least for the first few days. Once the office becomes familiar with you, you can start leaving with the rest of them. However, it is a good idea to finish the day’s work before leaving. Others in the office can afford to put off work, but you can’t.


4. Keep Your Desk Clean

If you are known to be messy at home, do not take that habit to work. A newbie’s desk at work is expected to be tidy at all times. You will have to get used to the office before you start claiming table space for your personal stuff, especially when the desk is shared with other colleagues – be sure to clear it of every document before leaving after the close of work. Note also, that sitting on the desk does not speak well of you.

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5. Greet Everyone You Meet At The Office

The Nigerian community loves respect the same way a dog adores bones. A newbie is expected to be respectful at all times, greet every time you meet someone, doesn’t matter if you greeted him 10 minutes ago. This will go a long way to help you build and maintain good relationships with your colleagues and even the security officers and cleaners. Respect is reciprocal.