10 Advantages of the Current Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria


The current scarcity situation of fuel in Nigeria has gotten worse, leaving one to wonder if the product is now striving to be as important as air. People spend most of their day in long queues that move slower than snails. Businesses keep shutting down due to lack of power supply or/and over-shooting of mantainance expenses due to the hiked price of PMS.

Charging of gadgets and staying online has become priority since we all need social media platforms to know the latest price of fuel and the nearest station that is selling. Wall sockets have become people’s best friend. It’s the first thing anyone looks out for in an office, hotel room, fast food joint, club, church, bar, a friend’s house, just about anywhere there is electricity. I am sure you know the location of every wall socket in your house, even with a blindfold on.

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Although the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources promised Nigerians that fuel would be restored on 7th April. That day is long overdue yet fuel is still missing in action. This has triggered disappointed Nigerians to question the promise: “Was it April 7th 2016 that Mr. Kachiukwu said fuel would be available or just April 7th?” If the year was not mentioned then it’s time to brace up as there are over a million April 7th ahead.

Nonetheless, there is usually a good side to every negative situation and the fuel crisis in Nigeria won’t be an exception. While the nation laments over lack of fuel, we should not forget to be grateful for the little benefits this scarcity has brought to us. Just for the fun of it, let’s look at these advantages of fuel scarcity.

1. Most compounds are noiseless because ‘I better pass my neighbour’ generators are on sabbatical leave.

2. Wives are happier because husbands who usually hang out now stay at home with the family because drinks outside are not cold and there is no fuel to drive out.

3. Housewives have resorted to cooking good food at home because most fast foods are shutting down due to high cost of maintenance.

4. Children now read books now that there is no fuel to power TV.

5. No more congestion in network since many people’s phones are battery-dead.

6. Browsing and downloading is faster than before since not much people are online – data runs down battery faster.

7. Everyone sleeps very early now, no more late night movies – no fuel to waste.

8. There are more prayers and less distractions.

9. Parents are overjoyed because their children who usually live online now concentrate on their studies.

10. People who haven’t gone to church for months now go to church and stay for both first and second services just to charge their phones, laptops and even fans.

What other benefits can you think of? Tell us about it.

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