15 Trending Delta Urhobo Traditional Marriage Attire

The trending Delta Urhobo traditional marriage attire includes a blouse (Ewu) and a headgear called ‘Onerho’ for the women and waist wrappers, a shirt, and a hat called ‘Eru for the men.

The Urhobo people of Delta State are among the many culturally unique ethnic groups in Nigeria. They are the major ethnic group in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria and reside in Delta and Bayelsa states, which are part of the Niger Delta region. Urhobo traditional marriage is a marriage of two families; it involves the union of spouses’ families, and both play central roles in ensuring the success of the marriage. The special event is graced with special attire unique to their cultural heritage.

What are the Delta Urhobo Traditional Attire for Men and Women? 

The traditional Urhobo attire for men is different for women, but they share the same value for decency. The Delta Urhobo women, often called Aye, Ohwo, and Umuto, wear blouses known as ‘Ewu’ and a headgear called Onerho or UUriofo for their traditional marriage. Conversely, the men wear waist wrappers, a shirt, and a hat called ‘Eru. Alternatively, the men can wear a traditional agbada or dashiki.

Urhobo men and women love to wear clothes that cover their whole bodies. However, like the Yoruba and Igbo traditional attire, the Delta Urhobo traditional attire focuses on colours with taste and distinction. This means that a lot of care and attention is given to dress for special events like marriage. So when choosing attire for your special event, ensure the colours on the woman’s outfit match those her husband will wear that day.

Meanwhile, in modern Urhobo traditional weddings, men prefer long shirts and pants in bright colours, like blue, yellow, orange, green or white, while women prefer long skirts or dresses. Whichever way you choose to appear, be sure to add some coral beads, beaded crowns (Okuku) and other beautiful accessories that match your attire.

Delta Urhobo Traditional Marriage Attire Designs for Women

Wrapper and blouse is one of the most used Delta Urhobo traditional marriage attire. This attire is special for traditional Urhobo women and it includes a pair of wrappers tied around the waist (overlapping) down to the heel of the foot. The one inside, which is usually two yards, is called #Aniku. The upper one, which is usually four yards,  is known as #Oseba. We also have the Ewu and a headgear or head tie known in Urhobo as ‘Onerho’ or ‘Uriofo,’ which is between one and two yards.

A modernised fashion style for traditional marriages now has women wearing wrapper skirts and gowns in place of the two-piece wrappers. This is less stressful and more elegant. Here are good examples of trending Delta Urhobo Traditional Attire for Women

1. All-Bue two-piece wrapper and Off-Shoulder Blouse

This is a befitting traditional attire for a typical Urhobo woman. The colour is perfect for brides with dark or fair complexion. It requires no excess accessories except for a few coral beads on both wrists and the neck. This shade of blue also goes with either gold or silver accessories.

2. Long Sleeve Blouse on Two Piece Wrapper With Gold Designs

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The blouse and two-piece wrapper are mainly worn for the traditional wedding event. It is sown into long sleeves with one shoulder off and worn on a two-piece wrapper. It
can be worn with a silver or gold purse, shoe, jewelry, and hand fan. Coral beads and horsetail can also be used to portray the Igbo culture.

3. Wrapper Skirt With Blouse

If you find tying two wrappers difficult, you can still be in line with the Urhobo traditional attire with a wrapper skirt. This is a modernised and stress-free way of rocking your wrapper and blouse and still look traditional.

4. Straight-fitted wrapper Gowns With Head-gear

This straight gown with gele is mainly worn by all the ladies of Niger-Delta for special events. It is common among ladies from Urhobo, Ibibio, Oron, and Annang, though people from other ethnic groups wear it. The gown is made with a well-designed lace.

The style is made into a long sleeve that runs into a straight body fit with a side tail attached to it. An umbrella, hand fan, purse, coral beads, or set of gold or silver jewelry can be used to accessorize the attire.

5. Fitted Flare Mermaid Long Gown

This fit and flare mermaid long gown fits perfectly on any body structure and makes every bride step out in confidence, class, and elegance. The top is made with an illusion material with long sleeves. Even after your wedding ceremony, this attire can be rocked gracefully for any of the outing stages. Long or short coral beads or any other matching jewellery can be used to rock the attire.

You can use bridal heel shoes, sandals, or slippers to rock the attire. A matching purse, hand fan, and horsetail can be used to add more flavour to your look. The bride’s hair is
to be adorned with beads because head ties are not needed for the dress

6. Off-shoulder gown Heavily Decorated with Coral Beads or beaded Crown (Okuku)

Coral beads are a key costume you will find among every traditional marriage attire for women in Nigeria. It brings that touch of tradition to every dress style the bride chooses to wear. In addition to beautifying the bride, these beads can also help to cover up the upper part of the bride’s dress, especially when she is wearing an off-shoulder dress style like the one we have above. This way, she keeps to the tradition by not exposing her body.

7. Single Wrapper and beads Style 

Similar to what we have above is a bride tying just a wrapper adorned with coral beads from her head to her neck area. Coral beads go on any colour you choose for that special Delta-Urhobo traditional marriage attire. You can also choose to use a  beaded crown (okuku) in place of a wrap-round bead style.

Delta Urhobo Traditional Marriage Attire Designs For Men

The Delta Urhobo traditional marriage attire for men is quite simple. It comprises one six-yard wrapper (sometimes overflowing), a shirt and a hat known as Eru. But at times, the men use a pair of wrappers as the women, which is made up of one six yards around the waist and the other eight yards. Here are beautiful and colourful styles you will certainly love to consider for that marriage ceremony.

8. Heavily Beaded Shirt With George Fabric

Here is a sky-blue shirt that is adorned with coral beads around the shoulder area. It is a classy dress style with a good touch of tradition. A George fabric or any silky and flowery material of choice can be combined to give the groom a colourful appearance at that special event. Complete that appearance with more coral beads ( for the neck and wrist), a walking stick, horsetail and Eru.

9. Silk George Top and Wrapper style

Silk George is a common go-to fabric for special events like traditional marriages, and it comes in various colours. For Urhobo men, wearing a matching attire with the bride is common. Here is a long-sleeve etibo rocked with a six-yard silk George of the same colour. A walking stick and a matching hat can complete the fashion style

10. A See-through Lace Top Over a Purple Silk George Wrapper

Purple colour represents royalty and wealth and combining it with a white fabric is perfect for traditional marriage, especially for Urhobo people who love and appreciate colours. The simple see-through lace can be styled as desired and can be adorned with a long coral bead worn on the neck, plus a pair of gold shoes, a walking stick or a horsetail.

11. Etibo over a matching Wrapper

Etibo is a popular style of traditional wear worn by people in the southern part of Nigeria, particularly in the Niger-delta area. This style was made even more popular by former president Goodluck Jonathan– Etibo was his favourite type of attire. It is no wonder that people like them, as they make the wearer look classy. To distinguish your Urhobo culture, you must accompany this fashion sense with a walking stick and a fitting eru.

12. Heavily embroider George Top and Wrapper Style for men

You could choose to wear the same fabric with your wife and it will be well adorned with beads and stones just like the bride’s. You can keep the sleeves long like you see in the picture or go for a three-quarter or short-sleeved shirt.

Yellow and Blue Combo 

Combine your flashy yellow fabric with a royal blue and you will get a totally unique appearance for that marriage ceremony. Yellow is an acceptable colour for Delta Urhobo people. It represents happiness, and combining it with blue, which is associated with trustworthiness and reliability, is just perfect for your event.

13. White George fabric top on a plain Trouser

While wearing trousers for a Delta Urhobo traditional marriage attire is not so popular, men who are not so in touch with the wrapper styles can opt for a matching pair of plain trousers. This also looks classy, especially when pairing your white colour, which signifies purity, cleanliness, virtue and patches of gold colours that represent success, affluence, and luxury.

14. Green Senator style for men 

Gren is another beautiful colour for Urhobo men’s attire; best if it’s worn by the couple. Green represents new beginnings, abundance, and nature, and as you see above, you can combine this attire with a long coral bead worn on the neck and wrists, a cap, and or a walking stick to match. A pair of golden shoes can go with this colour.

15. White Etibo on a Skyblue Wrapper

Paring your white etibo with a skyblue wrapper won’t be a bad idea for that Urhobo marriage ceremony. This is perfect not just for the groom but for his men and friends as well. As seen in the picture, a black hat, coral beads, a walking stick and a pair of black shoes will be perfect accessories for this attire.


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