10 Flower Chiffon Short Gown Styles

Chiffon short gowns are making waves among women. They are known for their soft and flowy nature and for being plain or having prints such as flowers. There are different types of chiffon materials, such as Silk crepe chiffon, Silk satin chiffon, Pearl chiffon, Jacquard chiffon, and Chameleon chiffon. In this article, we will give every beautiful short gown style to try using any of these types of chiffon.

Chiffon gown styles are not just limited to fashion-savvy youth, as women of all ages can look great in them. Some of the styles have stood the test of time, while others are the latest. Since the exquisite material can be used for dress to attend any occasion, our list will cover a wide range of styles. Hence, whether it’s for a casual outing or formal, there is a perfect style to suit your body type and occasion.

Chiffon Short Gown Styles

Chiffon short gown styles are popular among women and are versatile, easy to wear, and easy to style. Even with different styles, chiffons are lightweight, and short gowns made from them follow a similar path.

Chiffon short gown styles can be worn for any type of occasion. Interestingly, styling the gown can be limitless as hats, different types of shoes, and many other fashion accessories complement the dress easily.

This being said, here is a list of the best chiffon short gown styles every woman should try.

1. Drawstring Chiffon Short Gown

Drawstring Dress

The drawstring short gown often presents itself with an aura of grace and elegance. It is a timeless style designed to highlight the wearer’s figure. Also, the drawstring accentuates the waist, thereby creating a very feminine silhouette.

The drawstring on this dress can either be single or double. The double strings are always created on the two sides of the dress. This automatically makes the dress gathered from both sides of the dress, thereby highlighting the hips (to look wider).

This short gown chiffon style is versatile and can be used for formal or casual outings. It can be paired with jewelry and matching shoes. The type of shoe to wear depends on the occasion.

2. Flared Chiffon Shirt Gown

For women who like free chiffon gowns, this type of dress is a must-have. It is a loose dress that is made in the form of a shirt with buttons or a zip in front. Any type of chiffon can be used to create this dress.

One of the best things about this type of dress is the fact that it flatters every type of body, and it can be suitable for women of all ages.

Due to the nature of this design, it is best for any type of occasion. What matters is how it is styled. Some ways to style this dress include adding a belt to define the waistline (especially great for short women). Also, ankle boots are great for this dress, but heels, sneakers, and flats will also be great, depending on the occasion

You can layer the dress with a beautiful jacket and accessorize with jewelry, scarves, or a hat. Keep in mind that less is more, so choose one or two statement pieces to complete your look.

3. Off-shoulder chiffon Short Gown


There is often a feminity touch that comes with an off-shoulder chiffon short gown. As the name implies, the shoulder and collarbone areas are left bare, thereby bringing attention to the upper body.

This dress often gives a classy look, and it is great for any time of occasion. Styling this dress can make or mar your look. So, how best should you style an off-shoulder chiffon short gown?

Since the neck and shoulder areas are open, the addition of a beautiful necklace will define the upper body. Other accessories to try on with this dress are light earrings and bracelets.

Also, you will have to pay attention to the undergarments that you wear. Go for a strapless bra or the invisible strap bra. Alternatively, if you choose to sew this dress rather than buying an already produced one, you can ask your designer to attach a bra cup to the dress so you have to wear anything inside the dress.

Accessories to carry with you are a clutch or small handbag. As for shoes, strappy heels or pumps can be a great choice. Whatever the case, flats, sandals, and sneakers are good for a casual look.

4. Batwing Chiffon Gown

Batwing gown

This style is one of the most explored chiffon gown styles ever! As the name implies has flowing and loose sleeves that have a bat wing look. The dress often gives the appearance of grace and can be used for different occasions, which can be formal or informal.

For those who want to make a statement with this chiffon short gown style, there are many ways to style it. Some include wearing this dress with a great shoe that suits the occasion. For instance, if it is a casual outing, flat shoes of different sorts would fit perfectly. For a formal look, you may want to consider heels.

Also, you can try this outfit with different types of hats, such as bowler hats, boater hats, and straw hats. The dress can also be worn with a scarf to have an elegant look.

5. Polka Dots long-sleeved Chiffon Short Gown

The polka dot pattern has stood the test of time and is a major design that can be found in any fashion-savvy woman’s wardrobe. While there are many ways to style a polka-dotted chiffon dress, a long-sleeved short dress is one of the most elegant and sophisticated.

This type of short dress is ideal for both formal in informal occasions – ranging from weddings, office runs, a night with friends, or even a date.

As a versatile dress, it can also be styled with a variety of accessories, including jewelry such as earrings, a denim jacket for a classy look, sandals, and heels. You can also add a scarf to it, a clutch, and a handbag.

6. Deep Neck Tight With Lower Ruffles

Flower Chiffon Short Gown Styles

The deep v-neck tight chiffon dress with lower ruffles is one stylish and versatile chiffon dress. The neck of this dress is usually made in a deeper-than-usual manner to add an element of sophistication.

Then, the lower ruffles, which are made on the edge of the dress, provide a playful and feminine touch. No matter how beautiful this gown is, styling it the wrong way can dampen your look.

Therefore, here is a guide on how to style this dress. A pair of statement earrings or a delicate necklace can complement the deep V-neck, while a simple clutch or a chic handbag can add a touch of sophistication.

Concerning the footwear that suits this dress, the occasion you will attend with the dress is key to selecting your shoes. For formal occasions, heels are great, while flats and lower heels work perfectly for casual outings.

You may want to go with simple shoes since the dress has enough designs. You want your shoes to compete with your dress rather than complementing them.

Flower Material Short Gown Styles

This type of gown is known for having three major characteristics. The first is it’s being a chiffon. Secondly, it is designed with different followers. The third is that it is a short gown that is mostly made to be exactly knee-length or slightly above.

The chiffon flower gowns are also made for women of different sizes, shapes, and ages. This makes the dress an excellent one to be added to a woman’s wardrobe.

As in the case of several other chiffon gowns, this type of gown can be used for different occasions once they are styled properly. Below is a list of the best flower chiffon gowns and how to style them for different events.

7. Multiple-layered peplum Chiffon Gown

Peplum Chiffon Gown

Peplum is a flared ruffle or extension that is often added from the waist of a dress. In the case of a multiple-layered peplum, there is more than one extension that can create a dynamic and visually interesting silhouette.

This style is commonly found in women of different ages. As in the case of many styles on this list, styling this dress is key to bringing out its beauty. More often, keeping this style simple is key. It can be worn with a hose or leggings. Also, a jacket (such as denim or leather) can give a more formal look.

When it comes to footwear, opt for a pair of heels to elongate the legs and create a sleek silhouette. Avoid chunky or heavy shoes, as they can overpower the delicate peplum design.

Accessories are also important when styling a multi-layered peplum design. Try to keep it simple and elegant with statement earrings or a delicate necklace. Avoid large statement necklaces or bulky bracelets, as they can compete with the peplum design.

8. Cold Shoulder Chiffon Gown

Flower Chiffon Short Gown Styles

The cold shoulder gown is a great chiffon gown style to try today. The style is found mostly among lovers of trendy looks. The other part of the dress can be made in different styles since the design focuses more on giving details to the shoulder of the dress.

The dress can give you a comfortable and glamorous look when styled as it should. Styling this type of dress’ color is bold; try mild-colored accessories, and if the dress has a more subdued color, bold accessories can greatly compliment your look.

Also, earrings and bracelets are great to try with the dress. However, you may want to skip wearing a necklace since there is already a definition on your shoulder.

The dress is versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal functions. Some functions to wear this dress are weddings, dates, picnics, and office functions.

9. One Hand or Asymmetrical Dress

Assymetrical Gown

For those who like to show more of their hands, the one-hand chiffon gown design is good enough. The other hand or sleeve can be smaller, have a strap, or be completely bare. For those who would rather have their hands covered, the asymmetrical gown works best. This type of dress often has one part of it leaning towards the others.

This dress fits different body types and usually gives both a bossy and elegant look. The dress has gained popularity over time because of its uniqueness.

Generally, asymmetrical dresses are a great way to add a little bit of edge and interest to your outfit. While there is so much attention on the neck area and the sleeves of this dress, the other body parts can be done in any way.

To style the dress, choose shoes that are appropriate for an occasion. For instance, sneakers are good for casual outings. Therefore, the shoe can be paired with the dress for a casual look. Also, other flat shoes and low heels can be worn for a casual look.

Then, heels can be used for formal looks to attend weddings, dinners, engagements, and several other events.

The dress can also be paired with a hat, and depending on how the body is made, a denim jacket can go a long way to adding beauty to the outfit.

10. Chiffon Wrap Gown

Wrap Dress

The chiffon wrap short gown is one chiffon short gown style to explore. This style allows for a customizable fit, while the short length makes it flirty and fun. As its name implies, the gown with a layer on top of one another, creating a wrap!

When styling this type of dress, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you look your best.

The first thing is to choose comfortable shoes. One of the best to choose from is heeled sandals or pumps. Regardless, flats – whether covered, sandals, or open shoes can be used with the dress depending on the event you will attend with the dress.

Another thing to keep in mind is accessories. This type of dress goes perfectly with simple jewelry. Therefore, you may want to keep your distance from chunky or heavy jewelry.

In a recap of this, the chiffon wrap dress is a powerful, versatile, and stylish dress that can be used to attend different occasions. The right accessories can make you stand out.


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