10 Most Popular Job Websites in Nigeria

With an increase in the number of graduates in Nigeria, jobs in Nigeria have become more scarce. In fact, the number of graduates outweighs the available job opportunities. As a result, there are several cases of unemployment or underemployment in Nigeria with graduates opting for jobs that are way below their qualifications.

Well! That might be the case, but you don’t necessarily have to end up like any of them. With a proper online job hunt, you can come across several advertised job opportunities to apply for.

The only problem you can encounter is finding a well reputable website for your job hunt — especially with the current situation where the number of on-line swindlers has been doubling day after day. To help you out, we combined a list of the top 10 well-reputed websites that can help you to kick-start your online job search mission:


1. Jobberman — www.jobberman.com


Jobberman is the most popular job websites in Nigeria. This site has been globally ranked at position 10,977, but in Nigeria, it’s ranked as number 60 in terms of traffic. This site has over a thousand and one regular job listing. To find a job via Jobberman, simply sign-up with them and take your time to go through their listing.

Every listed vacancy on this site comes with a short description of the job, and the application procedure or contacts. Reading testimonies from the site’s users at the comment section could boost your confidence. Use the contact to send your application and CV as you wait for your luck.

Key Features of Jobberman

  • Free for candidates to use
  • organise Career Fairs and Employability Training
  • Examine salaries prior to applying.
  • Organise competency-based assessment
  • You can apply on-site
  • Look for employment by sector.
  • Look up jobs by location
  • Professionally Written CV
  • Able to report jobs that are spam

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2. Hot Nigerian jobs — www.hotnigerianjobs.com

This is one of the oldest job websites in Nigeria and is known by a vast majority of Nigerian graduates. It has many government job listings as well as several job adverts from private investors. The web’s traffic is globally ranked at position 12,752 and 69 in Nigeria.

Key Features of Hot Nigerian Jobs

  • FFree to utilize for candidates
  • Search for jobs by role, state and region.
  • Examine salaries prior to applying.
  • Look for jobs based on industry, discipline, and experience level

3. My Job mag — www.myjobmag.com

This job portal is fast-rising, ranking at 25,708 globally and 127 in Nigeria. What’s unique about this job portal is that it categorizes job vacancies by company name, so you can easily access vacancies at any company of your choice.

Key features of My JobMag:

  • Apply on site
  • Search for jobs by education qualification
  • Search for jobs by state
  • Build CVs
  • Company Reviews
  • Search for jobs by industry
  • Search for jobs by title

4.LinkedIn Jobs — www.linkedin.com

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job-searching platforms in the world. It is a social media platform for business-minded people. And a few years ago it introduced its job sections. Where employers can post jobs and applicants can apply. At LinkedIn Jobs, you can apply for certain jobs with your LinkedIn profile, and search for jobs by location, title, or skill. There are over 700 million people using Linked. You can even find remote jobs on LinkedIn.

Key features of LinkedIn jobs:

  • Apply for certain jobs with your LinkedIn profile
  • Search for jobs by Title
  • Search for jobs by location

5. Ng careers — www.ngcareers.com

Ngcareers job portal is among your highly prioritized job websites to look for a job. It provides a user-friendly platform for the unemployed to meet with their potential employers to exchange their views and services. In addition, it has regular updates of new job opportunities that you can use to secure yourself a job. It has been ranked at position 22,010 globally and position 134 in Nigeria.

Key Features of NG Career

  • Free for candidates to use
  • Examine salaries prior to applying.
  • OYou can apply on-site
  • Look for employment by sector.
  • Look up jobs by location
  • Professionally Written CV
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6. Joblist Nigeria — www.joblistnigeria.com

This website has a Facebook page that clearly shows how profound this site is. New job opportunities get posted on this website on a daily basis, which makes it one of the best job websites to carry out an online job hunt. It is currently ranked at position 61,283 globally and position of 408 in Nigeria, It is also one of the most reputable and most respectable job websites in the Nigerian job and recruitment market.

Key Features of Joblist Nigeria

  • Free to use by Applicants
  • Search for jobs by state
  • Search for jobs by industry
  • Search for Jobs by company name
  • Search for jobs by profession and discipline.

7. Naija hot jobs — www.naijahotjobs.com

naija hot jobs

Naijahotjobs is ranked at position 105,196 globally and 684 in Nigeria. It’s a forum that links several unemployed graduates with their rightful employers from all corners of Nigeria. Apart from creating a platform to interact with other graduates and employers, this website also boasts of regular update of new jobs.

Key Features of Naijahotjobs

  • Post your CV
  • Create your CV via the website
  •  Search for jobs by location
  • Search for jobs by Job title
  • Search for Jobs by company name

8. Nigerian job portal — www.nigerianjobportal.com

Nigerian job portal

This portal has thousands of advertised job vacancies, with an option to upload your own CV online. You can decide to apply for your favourable job via this site or use the contacts in the job listing to apply via post. An employer can then scan for your qualifications by assessing your uploaded CV before picking out the right candidate for the job. Globally, this site is ranked at position 1,002,465.

Key features of Nigerian Job Portal:

  • Search for jobs by job types
  • Search for jobs by salary range
  • Search for jobs by location
  • Search for jobs by discipline

9. Nigeria best jobs — www.nigeriabestjobs.com

This is another site to consider if you want to carry out an online job hunt. Actually, this website has a huge fan-base from all across Nigeria. All these people are attracted by the large listing of new advertised job opportunities that are updated minute after minute. It has been ranked globally as number 228,415 and number 2,301 in Nigeria.

Key features of  Nigeria Best Jobs:

  • Free to use by Applicants
  • Search for jobs by state
  • Search for jobs by industry
  • Search for jobs by profession.

10. Naija jobs link — www.naijajobslink.com

Last on the list, is the Naija job link website. You can use the different search facilities on this website to find a job anywhere in Nigeria. It’s a site that’s growing at an alarming rate and might possibly top up the industry in a few years to come. It’s globally ranked at 253,754.

Key features of JobGurus:

  • Search for jobs by salary
  • Search for jobs by specialization
  • Search for jobs by location
  • Search for jobs by experience level
  • Aptitude test practice

For more information concerning any of the above-listed websites, simply visit the site but take your time to assess all the websites before proceeding with your online job search mission. GOOD LUCK!!!


What are the top 3 Websites for Jobs in Nigeria?

The top three websites for jobs in Nigeria are Jobberman, HotNigerianJobs, and MyJobMag.

What are the top Free Job Posting Websites for Jobs in Nigeria

The top free job posting websites for jobs in Nigeria are Jobberman, HotNigerianJobs.com, MyJobMag.com, and Linkedin Jobs

 Are Job Websites in Nigeria Safe?

Not all job websites in Nigeria are safe. Sadly, some of the most popular and seemingly trusted websites are often used to target employment scam victims.

Where can one Look For Jobs in Nigeria?

Job websites are among the best ways to land yourself a well-paying job in Nigeria. These job websites are relatively safe and genuine for job applicants


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