Abia State University (ABSU) Portal and Result Checker

Abia State University (ABSU) portal is www.portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng which was created for easy running of different academic actions by students and aspiring students of the school. The same also goes for the result checker, which simplifies the formerly rigorous process of checking results by students.

Abia State University Uturu is one of the Nigerian universities where many students have found favor in studying their preferred courses. The university is up and running in Abia State as one of the Nigerian public universities, established with the mindset to build more educated and enlightened elites.

The inception of Abia State University was in 1981 as Imo University in the former Imo State of Etiti. It was established by Sam Mbekwe when he was the governor of the old Imo State. Still, after the spring of Abia State in 1991, the university was renamed Abia State University.

What Is The ABSU Portal All About?

The ABSU portal with the link http://portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng/ is an online portal created by the school authorities to enable students to carry out academic activities easily.  The creation of the portal is for the purpose of eliminating the long and daunting process of performing different academic activities that would normally need a walk-in into the designated offices to carry out.

It is for both formal and prospective university students, and they are all given the same privilege to create an account or log in to perform certain activities with ease. The portal is always in service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, meaning that you can access it at any time and on any day.

Specifically, the portal can be used by those seeking admission into the school, returning students who wish to resolve and rectify pending academic issues, students in remedial studies, and postgraduate students.

Things Students Can Do On ABSU Portal

Therein the ABSU portal is a pool of different features that enable the running of different academic activities. Below is a list of the different things students can do in the ABSU portal. They range from activities like course registration and payment of fees to many other things, including deferment of admission. They are:

  • Course Registration
  • Generation of Invoice
  • Fees payment
  • Checking PUTME Result
  • Session Registration
  • Payment of Old Fees
  • Filling Of Application Form
  • Checking of Admission Status
  • View Admission list
  • Acceptance Fees Payment Details
  • Transcript Application
  • Certificate Verification
  • Generating of Verification Receipt
  • Viewing Academic Calender
  • Extra credit Hour
  • Deferment Of Admission

The ABSU portal has been in existence for a long time; it only gets improved with more features added as the years go by. The essential features that have proved to be of great benefit to stakeholders include enabling students to seek vital information about academic activities, school fees payment, payment for hostel accommodation, and the result checker.

Accompanying the countless features on the portal is also the availability of vital undiluted information from the school authorities regarding many categories. By this, we are referring to information relating to school administration and its major stakeholders, staff list, journals, news, public lectures, TETFund, and lots more.

Also found within the portal are avenues to reach the school for technical support or help with information. ABSU creates an interactive section with the email addresses:

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ABSU Portal
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How To Log Into ABSU Portal

ABSU student portal can be login through the following steps below;

What is ABSU Result Checker All About?

ABSU Result checker is found on the ABSU official website, and it is an avenue through which students check their results after they have been released by the school management. The result checker is beneficial to undergraduates and post-graduate students.

This is because they can use it to check their previous examination results, and also, they can use it to find out if they have defaults such as carryovers, missing scripts, etc. Results can be checked through the same student portal: http://portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng/

Where to See ABSU Semester Result

To view your result From the school Portal, kindly follow the following steps.

  • Go to the ABSU students portal at https://portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng
  • Log in by entering your matric no (Reg Number) and password (Access code)
  • Select Result Checking
  • Click on Check results
  • click on check semester result
  • Enter your matric number for easy access to your result
  • Select the session or the semester you want to view the result and click on submit.
  • Print if you choose to print it out

You can as well visit this link: ABSU result Portal http://portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng/Student/Result/Check

Not all students are qualified to access the result checker. The reason is that it only shows the records of a student during school academic activities. This means that those qualified to use the ABSU result checker are students who are bonified students of the school and possess all the criteria needed to check their results, criteria as their matric numbers and password.

As previously stated, the ABSU result checker allows students to easily access their results online, which is a benefit of technology as opposed to the stress of one dragging in a stampede to check their results and other information on the notice board; thus, the portal is an upgraded means for students to easily check their results.

How To Check Abia State University Admission Status

The ABSU student portal can also be used by prospective students in the process of seeking admission into the school. A prospective student of the university can easily check his admission status by it by doing the following:

  • Visit the portal: https://portal.abiastateuniversity.edu.ng/
  • Click on Applicant
  • Select Admission
  • Click on Check Status
  • Enter your Application Form Number OR Jamb Number and Scratch Card PIN to Log in

The next page will show you your ABSU admission status.

The procedures listed above prove that the ABSU student portal can be used both by bonafide students and prospective students seeking to gain admission or obtain important information from the school. However, features like the result checker ad a few others cannot be accessed by prospective students, as earlier mentioned.


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