20 Trendy Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire for Men and Women

The trendy Akwa Ibom traditional attire for men and women are among the most stylish attires in Nigeria and Africa.

Akwa Ibom State is one of the southern states in Nigeria that is rich in cultural heritage, of which clothing is one. The state has six ethnic groups, namely Efik, Oron, Annang, Ibibio, Obolo, Eket, and the trendy Akwa Ibom traditional attire is worn by all the ethnic groups.

These attires are worn with intricate ornaments and accessories to add glamour and class to the appearance of the person rocking them. They are worn in many styles by both men and women for various occasions and traditional functions.

Trendy Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire

Akwa Ibom traditional attire is worn depending on the occasion one wants to attend. In wearing any of the attires, the right accessories are to be worn to show the cultural heritage of the Akwa Ibom people. The following trendy Akwa Ibom traditional attire is categorized under the following:

Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire For Ladies

Ladies from Akwa Ibom State are known to follow the trend of great fashion. With their traditional attire, they have effortlessly stunned at various events. Below is the following Akwa Ibom traditional attire for ladies:

1. Onyonyo (Golden, Silver, and Black Combo)

The onyonyo is a long, elegant gown adorned with beads. It is usually worn by royalty, sophisticated ladies, brides, and any celebrant on loud occasions. Ladies from the Efik, Oron, Annang, Ibibio, Obolo, and Eket ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom State usually steal the attention of the day with their attire. This intricate attire is made into an off-shoulder that ends in a long flow with a sequence material and a sateen george.

To stun in this attire, your hairdo should be the trending traditional hairstyle that will fit in with the Ibuot Abang (headgear) of your choice. The attire should be rocked with the right accessories like coral beads, an embroidered shawl, a set of gold or silver jewelries, the traditional rod, purse, and many more.

2. Maiden Ankara Attire

This traditional maiden attire is usually worn by single ladies for traditional ceremonies like weddings, coronations, and many more. The attire can be made into a blouse and three-step skirt or joined into a gown. To rock it better, make a stunning traditional hairstyle that will be adorned with beads and other hair accessories.

To accessorize the outfit, a coral bead that matches the color of the Ankara, a hand fan, waist bead, traditional rod, and leg beads can be worn. A matching flat slipper or sandal complements the outfit best.

3. Onyonyo (Purple and Silver Combo)

This well-detailed silver and purple combination is ideal for any occasion for any lady. The onyonyo is made with a combination of velvet and george material with a silver clothing accessory. It is made with elaborate hands and ended in a long flow. The outfit can be worn with silver jewelry, coral beads, a decorated native rod, Ibuot Abang, and any matching footwear of your choice.

4. Onyonyo (Straight Fitted)

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This onyonyo is made into a stunning long body-fitted gown with lace and sateen material. The lace is made into a fabulous style with an off-hand and the other running into an elaborate sleeve. The sateen material was joined from the waistline into a side tail. This traditional attire can be worn by any woman for any event.

To add more sauce, a traditional hairstyle that will be adorned with beads or Ibuot Abang should be made. Other accessories like sets of gold or silver jewelry, coral beads, shawls, adorned traditional rods, matching purses, umbrella, hand fan, and other matching accessories can be rocked with the outfit.

5. Straight-Fitted Gown With Gele

This straight gown with gele is mainly worn by all the ladies of Akwa Ibom for any event. It is common among ladies from Ibibio, Oron, and Annang, though people from other ethnic groups wear it. The gown is made with a well-designed lace.

The style is made into a long sleeve that runs into a straight body fit with a side tail attached to it. An umbrella, hand fan, purse, coral beads, or set of gold or silver jewelry can be used to accessorize the attire.

Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire For Men

Men are not left out in the fashion trend of the Akwa Ibom people. The Akwa Ibom traditional attire for men has evolved over time. They usually wear white shirts decorated with okpomkomon, coral beads, with the usobo mainly made of george material, and a traditional cap. The attire is usually worn with footwear customized with beads, clothes, or embroidery materials.

6. White Shirt on Sky Blue Usobo

This white shirt on sky blue usobo is worn with a matching okpomkpomon tied around the neck. The outfit is mostly worn by grooms from Akwa Ibom State and for big events like chieftaincy coronation and more. The usobo is tied to flow down, resting on the feet.

It is usually worn with matching native caps and walking sticks to show cultural heritage. Other things that can be used to add more savor to your looks include matching footwear, hand fans, animal horns, men’s purse, horse tails, and many more.

7. White Shirt on Peach Usobo

This white shirt and usobo are rocked without the okpomkpomon; rather, a matching coral bead is used. This usobo is a piece of george material that is tied to stop below the knee level. A groom or anyone that wants to attend any event can come prepared in this outfit. A native cap, walking stick, matching footwear, and any other matching accessories can be used to dazzle in the outfit.

8. Brown Shirt on Golden George with Embroidered Jacket

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This type of attire is usually worn by people from the Efik ethnic group, though men from other ethnic groups also steal the show with their attire. It makes a bold statement and can be worn to any event of your choice.

The brown shirt is worn with a matching okpomkpomon from the usobo. The usobo (george material) is tied to rest on the feet. An embroidered jacket that matches the cap and shoes is also used to rock the attire. A walking stick was also used to add more glamour to the outfit.

9. White Shirt on Blue Usobo

This attire is common among men from Ibibio and can be worn on any occasion. The white shirt is worn over a blue usobo that is tied to the end in a slanty way on the knee. The okpomkpomon is worn over the shirt with a matching cap, walking stick, and matching footwear.

10. White Shirt on White Usobo with Jacket

Men from Efik and other ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom stun effortlessly in this attire. This simple yet intricate attire can be worn to any event of your choice.

The white shirt is worn over a white usobo and is complimented with an embroidered black jacket. The usobo (george material) is tied to rest a bit above the feet. An embroidered cap, shoe, and walking stick designed with white handkerchiefs came in handy for the attire.

Akwa Ibom Cultural Attire

Akwa Ibom, a state rich in cultural heritage, has so many cultural festivals that different attires are worn. Several attires hold great significance in the state, and they are as follows:

11. Ofod Ukod Anwang

This ofod ukod anwang is a maiden attire mostly worn by brides or their entourage. The two-piece clothing consists of a mini skirt with a slit that stops above the knee and a small piece of clothing worn on top. The outfit usually looks complete with a well-decorated traditional staff, ibuot abang (headgear), anana ubok (worn on the arm), mkpat etim (worn on the leg), and many more. The attire is worn mainly to show how stunning and endowed the maiden or bride’s body looks.

12. Ekombi Cultural Dance Attire

Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire

This attire is mainly worn for the ekombi, or the abang dance. The ladies wear the ofod ukod anwang, which is adorned with the hand and leg ornaments known as ekpa ku kwa. The men also tie a small wrapper around their waist and wear a white polo on top. The men and women wear the nkwaesit itong(the colorful bead worn on the neck), anana ubok (worn on the shoulder), and colorful raffias worn on the arm and legs.

13. Ukara Outfit

Akwa Ibom Traditional Attire

The Ukara clothing is a blue and white material with the insibidi signs, worn mainly for the Ekpe masquerade festival in Akwa Ibom State. It is primarily tied as a wrapper by men or hung on the body to fall freely. This attire is not worn for any other event or daily use except for the Ekpe masquerade festival. This attire is mainly worn with a traditional shirt and caps, walking sticks, and staff.

14. Ofod Ukod Anwang

Akwa Ibom men also wear the ofod ukod anwang, which consists of a wrapper tied around the waist and a white polo worn on top. This attire is mainly worn by the groom in a traditional wedding ceremony or for any other significant traditional rites. The outfit is accompanied by the ekpa ku kwa, nkwaesit itong, anana ubok, decorated staff, and traditional cap.

15. Ofod Ukod Anwang

This ofod ukod anwang is mainly worn by maidens in Akwa Ibom State for any traditional event. The two-piece is made to cover just the breast in the upper part, with the mini skirt stopping above the knee. To add more beauty to the outfit, a bead can be on the neck, hand, legs, or over the traditional hairstyle. A well-decorated staff can also be used with the outfit.

Akwa Ibom Traditional Marriage Attire

Akwa Ibom couples have been known to take charge of their day with their exceptional marriage attires. Below are various Akwa Ibom traditional marriage attire that will make couples step out sassy and gracefully on their day:

16. White and Green Combination

This white and green combination is one of the Akwa Ibom traditional combinations that speak volumes. The bride is well-dressed in her well-detailed onyonyo. The outfit was matched with the ibuot abang, a well-decorated staff, a golden purse, coral beads, and gold jewelry.

The groom kept it simple yet classy with a white shirt worn over a green usobo (george material). He matched his outfit with a traditional red cap, an embroidered black suede shoe, and a walking stick.

17. White and Golden Combination

This white and golden combination is perfect for any phase of the traditional marriage outing in Akwa Ibom. The groom stepped out in a white shirt and a matching golden usobo. The outfit is accompanied by an embroidered matching traditional cap and shoe, coral beads, and walking sticks. Other accessories like men’s money purses, googles, etc., can be rocked with the attire.

The bride interpreted elegance and class in her intricate golden onyonyo. More savor was added to her look with the ibuot abang, a well-decorated traditional rod, and coral beads. Other accessories like the hand fan, umbrella, horsetail, and gold jewelries can also come in handy for the outfit.

18. White and Red Combination

The white and red combination, which is a symbol of love and purity, can be used for any outing stage in an Akwa Ibom traditional marriage. The groom’s attire is an embroidered black jacket worn over a white shirt and usobo. A well-decorated staff, an embroidered cap, and leather shoes also accompanied his outfit.

The bride steed out bold in her red onyonyo. Her traditional hairstyle was adorned with beads, as were her neck and hands. Other accessories like an umbrella or hand fan can be worn with the outfit.

19. Orange and Black Combo

This special color combo will surely turn heads at any traditional marriage in Akwa Ibom. The groom looks bold in his orange shirt worn over black trousers. An embroidered black cap, leather shoes, and a walking stick are used to make his appearance great.

The bride looks stunning in her intricate orange gown designed with silver materials. Ibuot abang was used to decorate her traditional hairstyle. Coral beads and a well-decorated staff were used to add more boldness to her appearance.

20. White and Wine Red Outfit

This outfit is common to the Oron ethnic group, though other ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom rock the outfit too. The groom is well kitted out in his white shirt and wine-red usobo. He complimented his look with a decorated traditional cap and a walking stick.

The bride stole the show with her intricate onyonyo made with a well-designed george material. The gown is made into an off-should with sleeves that end in a funnel, and the gown runs into a long flow. An ibuot abang was used to adorn her traditional hairstyle. A set of gold jewelry and a decorated traditional rod were used to add more beauty, class, and glamour to her look.


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