Yinka Quadri Biography, Age and Net Worth

Yinka Quadri is a Nigerian actor, producer, director, and leader of a theatre group called Odunfa Caucus. The 64–year-old who was born on September 6, 1959, has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He is famed for his roles in Kura Matete, Abeni, Shola Arikusa, and Gangs of Lagos (2023).

Quadri is among the Nigerian actors who have grown alongside the industry. He has played on stage, in TV series, and movies. He has been persistent and exceptional all through his career and this has earned him several accolades, including a City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award.

Summary of Yinka Quadri’s Bio

  • Full Name: Alhaji Akanni Olayinka Quadri
  • Nickname: Kura
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 6 September 1959
  • Yinka Quadri’s Age: 64 years old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Yinka Quadri’s Wife: Alhaja Sadiat Quadri
  • Children: not fewer than 6; including Muyiwa, Yewande, Olajuwon, and Folarin Quadri
  • Yinka Quadri’s Net Worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Acting (Kura Matete)
  • Yinka Quadri’s Instagram: @officialyinkaquadri
  • Facebook: Yinka Quadri

How Old Is Yinka Quadri and Where Is He From?

Alhaji Akanni Olayinka Quadri, known as Yinka Quadri by many people, is 64 years old. He was born into a middle-class Muslim family in Lagos Island, Lagos State, on 6 September 1959. He was also raised in the same southwestern state, but he is a native of Oro, Kwara State in the north-central region of Nigeria. His father was a successful businessman.

The actor attended a Catholic primary school in Idumagbo, Lagos. Afterward, he attended Christ High School, Ebute Elefun. He then focused on his career until 2015 when he went to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, at the age of 55. This was in a bid to hone his skill in film production.

What is Yinka Quadri’s Net Worth?

The actor’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 (₦230.3 million). However, there are sources that claim his worth may be between $250,000 to as high as $2 million. While BuzzNigeria is not totally claiming that the actor’s net worth of $500,000, it may actually be true considering how long and how successful he has been in the movie industry.

He has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies and has played both minor and major roles for over 4 decades. Of course, throughout these years, the actor has received payment for his works and this payment has contributed to his $500,000 estimated net worth. He has also earned from movie production and directing as well as endorsement deals.

How Yinka Quadri’s Net Worth of $500,000 Accrued

Yinka Quadri Started His Acting Pursuit at 17

Quadiri was working for his father before he became an actor at the age of 17 (in 1976). At the earliest time of his acting career, he played on stage and did not want his family to know about it.

At the time, he was not expecting to be paid for acting, but his passion kept him and he continued with the pursuit. It marked the beginning of his earliest earning, but the exact amount he earned then is unknown. However, many actors in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were not paid as much as the career brings forth in terms of fortune as compared to the 2010s and 2020s.

Nonetheless, whatever he earned at the time was good enough to afford him a car in 1982. Speaking in an interview where he said it wasn’t poverty that led him into acting, he revealed that he started using his first car in 1982, at he age of 23.

He Formed a Theater Group in 1977

The energetic role interpreter admired Adeyemi Afolayan “Ade Love” – a great acting veteran and father of Gabriel Afolayan and Kunle Afolayan. Like Ade who had a theater group, Quadri, alongside Fatai Alabi, Apostle Biodun Majekodunmi, popularly known as Baba Kekere, and the late Mustapha Majelu also wanted to follow the same path.

They formed their own group called Afopina Theatre Group on July 16, 1977, after dropping out of school. Subsequently, they changed the group’s name to Isale Oro Theatre Group. It was at the time and under the leadership of the late Taiwo Olayinka that he learned the proper art of music composition, stage performance, and drama.

The group metamorphosed into Adetutu Theatre Organisation and Quadri became its leader. He had performed and helped in molding others. By 1986, Yinka and the group were given the opportunity to work in America for the first time. Subsequently, he was part of the actors and producers to form the theater group Odunfa Caucus. He currently serves as the president of the group.

Now, looking at it from the aspect of how the earliest groups may have contributed to Yinka Quadri’s wealth, it is noteworthy that theater was once the giant of actors in Nigeria. Yet, Yinka’s exact earnings remain unknown.

Regardless of this, a Wikipedia report about the Golden Age of the Nigerian film industry claims that content in theaters increased from the 1960s to the late 1970s. This means that the increase in production amounted to more income which theater groups, including that of Yinka Quadri, may have enjoyed.

The Kwara State Native Appeared in Nigeria’s Biggest Budget Film of 1996, Owo Blow

Yinka Quadri debuted on TV in Agbodorogun, but his first big-budget film was Owo Blow (1996). The film’s budget was said to have been within the range of $25,000 to $90,000 (₦2 to ₦7 million). In today’s money, this would amount to nothing less than ₦3-₦8 million.

Although he played a minor role, it has definitely contributed to his wealth. Apart from the fortune that he may have made through the movie, he also had the chance to appear alongside some of the renowned and highly-paid actors, including Bimbo Akintola, Femi Adebayo, Binta Ayo Mogaji, and the late Sam Loco Efe and Rachel Oniga.

Away from this, Quadri has appeared in over 100 films and series. Many of these films are Yoruba language films. For each role he has played, he has definitely received an undisclosed amount.

Regardless, there was an article claiming that even in the 2010s, some Yoruba actors were paid from as low as 10,000 to 50,000. This includes lead characters. On the other hand, A-listers received around ₦150,000 to ₦250,000.

With this narrative, he may have earned from ₦10,000 to ₦250,000. If otherwise, there is a likelihood that he may have earned more per role over time. This assumption is based on the fact that Yinka Quadri has grown to play lead roles in many of the films he featured in.

Yinka Has Featured in Some of Nigeria’s Highest Grossing Films

Quadri has been featured in numerous highest-grossing films in Nigeria. As such, it is safe to say that he is one of Nigeria’s actors to appear in blockbusters. Among these films are Jenifa (2008). The film is one of the most notable and high-earning Yoruba films. He also appeared in The Return of Jenifa which was also a success.

In 2010, the actor appeared in Omo Ghetto. The film recorded huge sales at the time and in 2020, its sequel, Omo Ghetto: The Saga was released.

Aníkúlápó and Gangs of Lagos are some other highly acclaimed films the 64-year-old actor has featured in. In Aníkúlápó, he played the vital role of a hunter, and his minor role led to major scenes of the film which was distributed by Netflix. In fact, he earned a nomination at the 2023 AMVCA for his role.

The film became the most-watched non-English film and made about ₦8.7 million in the week after it premiered. Other sources record that the movie made ₦9.3 million in its first week of production and was recorded as one of the highest in Nigeria in 2022.

Looking at Gangs of Lagos, Yinka played Olorugun, a role that is also very significant to the film. The movie was distributed by Amazon and it became one of the most widely watched Nigerian films outside of the country and even the continent.

Of course, featuring in highly earning movies have its advantages with respect to how much actors can make from it. Hence, Yinka may be one of the highest-earning Nigerian actors who are in their sixties.

He Spent Over ₦20,000,000 to Make One Movie

Quadri has produced and directed numerous movies which have undeniably added to his $500,000 net worth. One of his highest-budget films is Ticket to Life which, according to IMDB, was made with a budget of ₦20 million. He served as the executive producer while Amb. Eugene Nzeribe is also a producer.

The film featured several renowned actors such as Tina Mba, Linda Osifo, and Sambasa Nzeribe.

List of Yinka Quadri’s Movies

  • Gangs of Lagos (2023)
  • Anikulapo (2022)
  • Eri Ife (2022)
  • J.B.O: Jaguda Baba Ole (2022)
  • Ola (2022)
  • Oosha Aje (2021)
  • Obankoba (2021)
  • Oba Bi Olorun (2021)
  • Abeke (2020)
  • Ajebidan (2020)
  • Black Veil (2019)
  • 77 Bullets (2019)
  • Adebimpe Omo Oba (2019)
  • The Call (2019)
  • Taxi Driver (2018)
  • Omoge Lekki (2016)
  • Gucci Girls (2012)
  • Omo Ghetto (2010)
  • Toromade (2009)
  • Ile Oko (2009)
  • Bolodo O’ku (2009)
  • Afefe Ife (2008)
  • Jenida (2008)
  • Irakun Ola (2008)
  • Igba Ewa (2008)
  • Alaga Garage (2007)
  • Ekuro (2007)
  • Oba Irawo (2007)
  • Egun (2007)
  • Adun Ife (2004)
  • Ajoke Point One (2004)
  • Olorun Esan (2004)
  • Kadara Mi (2004)
  • O Koja Bee (2003)
  • Maradona (2003)
  • Irepodun (2002)
  • Eyin Ogongo (2002)

Awards and Nominations

  • Yinka Quadri received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Yoruba Film at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards.
  • He received the Best Indigenous Actor award in a lead role at the 2010 Best of Nollywood Awards in the Yoruba category.
  • He was nominated Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the third Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007.
  • Quadri was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Movie/TV Series) at the 2023 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2023.
  • The actor also received a City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.
  • He received an award of Excellence in Recognition of his Great Performance in Entertainment in 2004 from the Student Union Government, Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos.
  • In 2012, Quadri was nominated for Best Actor in an Indigenous Movie (Non-English speaking language) at the 2012 Nollywood Movies Awards.
  • The Lagos State-born actor was nominated for Best Actor in Leading Role (Yoruba) at the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards.
  • In 2022, he was honored with an Award of Excellence by the council of traditional rulers in Igbomina land, Kwara State.

Yinka Quadri Earns from Endorsement Deals 

Like many other celebrities, Yinka earns from endorsement deals. In 2016, he bagged an ambassadorial deal with a property company known as Al-Amanat Islamic Estate.

He has also endorsed numerous politicians over the years. The most recent is the support he rendered to Nigeria’s president, Bola Tinibu of the APC. While there is no certainty that the actor may have been paid, it is no secret that some celebrities get paid to endorse politicians.

Who is Yinka Quadri’s Wife?

There are two sides to the story with respect to Quadri’s wife. According to a report by City People in 2019, the actor has been married to only one wife whose name is Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri.

On the other hand, Quadri’s son, Muyiwa, claimed in an interview that the veteran actor has two wives. While there is no verification of this, Yinka attested to having stayed with another woman before he was married to Alhaja Sadiat. In fact, he announced that they had a child, but their home was riddled with constant fight. It was for this reason that his parents advised that they parted ways.

Then, in 1985, he met Alhaja Saidat who used to live in Ebute Meta and they got married in 1989 and have been together ever since. This makes him one of the Nollywood actors whose marriage has lasted over three.

Yinka Quadri’s Children

In the same interview where Muyiwa, Quadri’s son, claimed that he has two wives, he also claimed that the actor is a father of nine and grandfather of no fewer than 4.

Regardless, none of Yinka’s children is as famous as him. Nonetheless, Muyiwa Quadri is also into acting and has featured in the same film, May 27, as his father. Many of his works are on Damjay TV on YouTube.

Away from his career, Muyiwa holds a diploma certificate in Business Administration from a private polytechnic in Kwara State. He is also married to Helen Ikeola Olatunji and they share a child.

Yinka’s other children include Yewande, Olajuwon, and Folarin Quadri. Adijat Yewande Quadri is reportedly his first daughter and was married in 2022 after reportedly having three children.

The Controversies that Yinka Has Been Involved in

The 64-year-old actor has not been involved in many controversies. However, he was involved in a war of words with another notable and long-serving actor, Dele Odule. The altercation started sometime in 2012 when late actress Bisi Komolafe was on set with Odule and the actor called her an illiterate.

The report claimed that Odule did not stop at her but directed similar insults at Yinka Quadri. Although Yinka was not present at the time, Bisi was said to have told him what had happened. This resulted in a war of words between the legendary Yoruba actors.

While there haven’t been many details about what happened afterward, the fight may be a thing of the past as Odule posted a throwback photo of them and Saheed Balogun.


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