Olaide Oyedeji Biography, Age and Husband

Olaide Oyedeji is a Germany-based Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, producer and media influencer who came to the limelight for her role in the self-produced movie “Darasen”. Oyedeji celebrates her birthday every February 18. She is currently single and was previously married to co-actor Olukotan Alan

Olaide Oyedeji joined the entertainment industry several years back, featuring in most known Yoruba movies. However, she is more famous for her outspoken nature, particularly on her various social media platforms where she makes controversial comments on issues mostly related to her private life. Here are all the facts there is to know about the Yoruba actress.

Summary of Olaide Oyedeji’s Biography

  • Full name: Omolara Olaide Oyedeji
  • Nickname: Honeybun
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: February 18
  • Ethnicity:  Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Olaide Oyedeji’s Husband: Olukotan Alan
  • Olaide Oyedeji’s Children: 4 Children
  • Olaide Oyedeji’s Net Worth: $80K
  • Famous for: “Darasen’
  • Olaide Oyedeji’s Instagram: @officialolaideoyedeji

Olaide Oyedeji Hails from Lagos State, Nigeria

Olaide belongs to the Yoruba tribe in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. She was born on February 18, in the city of Lagos and her full name is Opeyemi Olaide Oyedeji. She grew up in Lagos with her parents and her siblings whose identities she is yet to reveal.

Olaide had her basic and secondary education in Lagos state. However, it is not clear if she went further to obtain a degree certificate from any university in Nigeria or abroad. The plus-size actress has lived in Germany for many years and she speaks the German language fluently.

How Olaide Joined the Entertainment Industry

Olaide has always been passionate about acting and while growing up she ensured she worked towards achieving her dreams. She began her acting career sometime in 2017 but had her major breakthrough with her role in the movie “Darasen”-  a movie she self-produced.

The captivating Yoruba movie was released in 2020 and it features star actors like Gabriel Afolayan, Okunnu, Jaiye Kuti, Yinka Quadri, Sheyi Asheku, Ronke Odusanya, Biola Adeyao, Remi Surutu and more. Although no awards were won by the said movie, it did pave the way for Olaide’s major recognition in the highly competitive Nollywood industry.

The movie helped her receive more acting roles as well. Some of the more popular films she has appeared in are “Atewogbore”, “Alatise” and “Mechanic”, just to mention a few.

While displaying her acting skills, she also went on to explore her skills as a producer. She is behind the production of movies such as “Ilekun Ola”, “Omoge IG”, “Igara”, “Asorosoboto”, “Omo Germany”, “Sebi Mini”, and so on. Thanks to her acting, scriptwriting, and movie-producing skills, Olaide is now one of the fast-rising personalities in Nollywood.

Olaide Oyedeji Filmography
  • “Ilekun Ola”,
  • Atewogbore,
  • ‘Alatise”
  • “Mechanic’
  • “Omoge IG”,
  • “Igara”,
  • “Asorosoboto”,
  • “Omo Germany”,
  • “Sebi Mini”,

Is Olaide Oyedeji Still Married or Divorced?

Oyedeji Olaide is currently single, but was previously married to co-actor, Olaotan Alan. He is a famous actor and producer in the Nigerian film industry. He is known for producing credible movies mostly of Yoruba heritage. His significant rise to fame is linked to his relationship with Olaide.

It is not clear how and where Olaide met her former husband. Neither of them has also revealed the date of their wedding, however, considering the number of children they both have, there is no doubt that they lived together as a couple for about half a decade.

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Olaotan is notably not Olaide’s first husband. The actress is said to have been initially married to a man named Dre Dre who is the father of two of her children. Unfortunately, there are no further information on when they got married and the reasons behind their separation. Olaotan Alan is reportedly Olaide’s second husband and father of two of her lovely children.

Meanwhile, in January 2023, Mr Olutan made headlines with the news that his wife had kicked him out of their home in Germany. This happened a few years after the actor reunited with his family in Germany. Although there were no clear reasons stated as to why his wife moved him out of their home, the actor revealed that  Olaide left him stranded in Germany and even denied him access to his two children.

As expected, Alan’s new revelation about his marital crisis with his wife, made them a topic on various social media platforms with many attacking the actress for letting her family fall apart yet again. However, in February 2023, she attacked her critics, asking them to refrain from trolling her.

In an Instagram post, the actress and mother of four emphasized that she wouldn’t have left her marriage if everything was rosy and good. She also hinted that the marriage didn’t end because of her. She added that if she’s not a good woman to have, he would not try to come back to her. “I don’t know when in Nigeria a relationship would turn to a do-or-die affair,” she said, admonishing trolls to let her be. She rounded up her speech by saying that she had given up her husband for anyone interested in having him.

Despite the massive criticisms she has received, Olaide appears to have moved on with her life. She earlier vowed to speak on her marriage breakup shortly. But now, she said, she would be more dedicated to improving her acting career and to becoming a better mother for her children.

Has Olaide had Any Surgery?

Yes, Olaide has undergone two surgeries to enhance her body. Her first cosmetic surgery was performed to lengthen her bottom. She had her second butt enlargement surgery in March 2023 in Nigeria. As usual, she involved her teaming followers as she pleaded for them to pray for her while she underwent a five-hour surgery session.

Two weeks after the butt enlargement surgery, Olamide flaunted her newly acquired butt on social media. Despite experiencing excruciating pain from the procedure, the actress vowed to disturb the online community with her new ‘asset’. She nicknamed herself ‘Honeybun’, noting that ‘bum was life’ while expressing gratitude to her doctor for a job well done.


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