Everything About JAMB Reprint: Slip, Portal and How it Works

The JAMB reprint slip is also known as the JAMB examination slip. It can be accessed through the JAMB portal, e-facility portal, or email.

The slip serves the purpose of a candidate’s permit during any JAMB examination. It is a compulsory demand for all JAMB candidates, as the slip can deny one access to the examination hall. We will look at the ways JAMB candidates can access the portal to successfully, check and print the slip.

What is the JAMB Reprint Portal?

This is a webpage for checking and printing JAMB UTME slips. The portal grants JAMB candidates access to important details that are relevant to their examination. Some of these details are the CBT center for the candidate, examination date and time, and JAMB registration number.

The portal also helps candidates to easily reprint the slip in case they can’t find the slip. Candidates are advised to seek access to the portal before the examination date.

Reasons for the Introduction of JAMB Slip Reprinting

If there is no cause, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board will proceed with the examination as usual. The reason for this is that the examination has become prone to numerous irregularities. To put a stop to this barbaric act, JAMB has decided to withhold the candidate’s exam location, time, and date.

There have been instances where students arrived at their exam location only to learn that the facility was full and could not accommodate all of the applicants assigned to them. So, during the registration and distribution of the new slip, they would have graphically confirmed and seen that no center received more than its capacity.

How to Reprint JAMB Slip

After successfully registering for your JAMB exam, you will print a temporary slip. However, JAMB will update your profile with a fresh examination slip containing your examination venue, time, and date. Before going ahead to access the portal for the JAMB slip, check your email to know if the slip was sent to your email. The reason is that JAMB sometimes sends the slip to their candidates in an email and all they need to do is look for where to print it out.

How to Print JAMB Slip from JAMB Portal

The JAMB portal has been the process used by candidates for reprinting their UTME examination slip. Below is the required step to do it using this portal:

  • Log on to JAMB’s official website or click here
  • Input either your phone number, email address, or your JAMB registration number in the provided column
  • On the next page, click on ‘Print Examination Slip’
  • The slip will be displayed on the screen
  • From there, you can click Ctrl+P to commence the printing process

How to Reprint JAMB Slip Through JAMB e-Facility Portal

Printing the JAMB slip through the JAMB portal is very easy, but it is important to sign up with the portal.

Below are the important steps to getting the JAMB UTME slip:

  • Visit the JAMB e-facility portal or click here to access the portal
  • Scroll to the login page, or sign up to gain access
  • On the dashboard, scroll to the section with ‘Print JAMB Slip’
  • Click on it
  • The JAMB slip will be downloaded
  • Then proceed to print out the slip using a printer

Note that the examination body has closed using the previous JAMB website to reprint the exam slip. They maintained that their candidates should go through the e-facility portal as explained above.

How to Print JAMB Slip Via Email

Candidates can also get their UTME examination slip from the email address submitted during registration. The examination body sends a downloadable file of the exam slip to all the candidates through email. The following steps are required from the candidate:

  • When you receive confirmation from JAMB, it normally arrives as an attached file in PDF format. It is locked with your ‘JAMB registration number.’
  • After you’ve located the file, save it to your computer or smart device so you can access it offline. Connect your device to your printer (if you have one) and print it from the comfort of your own home.
  • If you do not have a personal printer, you will need to go to a cyber café or business center.

When is JAMB Reprinting Starting?

JAMB makes a public announcement on the reprinting of their UTME slip. Candidates that visit JAMB’s e-facility portal get to easily find out when JAMB gives notice of printing exam slips. But on general grounds, we advise candidates to start checking the portal 2 weeks before the exam. This is because there is no static date every year for candidates to start JAMB reprinting.

Can You Reprint the JAMB Result?

Yes, a candidate is allowed to reprint the examination slip. The platform is open for candidates to reprint their slips until after the exam, even when the results are out. The reason is to make sure that no candidate misses the examination date and time. Because if any candidate misses the exam date, it means such a candidate will reregister for the exam next year.

What is the Cost of Reprinting JAMB Slip?

There is no charge attached to the reprinting of the UTME examination slip. However, when a candidate makes use of the services of a cyber cafe, there is sure to be a charge for reprinting the JAMB slip. In most cases, candidates are charged N500 for checking and printing the slip. When a candidate follows the above-stated steps and successfully downloads the slip, the person will be charged only the printing cost.

Importance of JAMB Reprint

Here are reasons why JAMB reprints or exam slips are important to JAMB candidates:

1. The slip helps candidates access their JAMB registration number

Until now, JAMB candidates could access their JAMB details through the email submitted during registration. Presently, important JAMB details are found in the JAMB reprint or exam slip. The most important detail on this slip is the JAMB registration number. The JAMB registration number gives you access to your JAMB question page.

2. JAMB reprint serves as a permit to the examination hall

In all JAMB examination centers, this slip is the permit required to be able to gain entry inside the UTME exam hall. The slip provides details that give a clear confirmation of the candidate.

3. The slip provides the examination date and the location of the exam

The JAMB reprint form helps students know their JAMB CBT center and the date for their exam. This is why it is very important to have the reprint slip on time, in order not to miss the examination date or go to the wrong CBT center.

4. It helps students know the time for their UTME examination

On the slip, the actual time for the exam is specified. This helps the candidate to get prepared before the time for the exam.


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