Bet9ja Old Mobile Vs New Mobile Version: Everything You Need to Know

Bet9ja introduced a new mobile version in 2015, and the goal was to improve the customer experience, increase traffic, conversions, and engagement. In addition, mobile changes were also made to improve performance by implementing responsive design techniques. Responsive design adjusts the layout of pages based on the screen size to make the tool more straightforward and more usable.

At the time of this sudden platform change, many users see the new version as more complicated and confusing. There were many negative reviews, from difficulty to login to the inability to cash out winnings. But with time, users began to see the advantages of using the new mobile version as it allows for more sports betting sections.

Major Differences Between the New and Old Bet9ja Mobile

There is no doubt that both site versions offer excellent service and support. In addition, both have excellent customer service departments that are always willing to help players with any questions or concerns. However, it is paramount to note that each version has unique features and benefits. That is why we analyzed the differences between the old and new bet9ja mobile versions.

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Comparison of Old and New Bet9ja Mobile App

Compared to the Bet9ja Mobile app’s previous version, the new version is not as easy to use, as it contains a new navigation system that some users find confusing. In addition, it requires more memory than the previous version, making it slower for some users. That is to say that the old bet9ja mobile app loads faster than the new app. Therefore, it is considered the bet9ja lite version.

The old bet9ja mobile app is fast and light, with a high compatibility rate among smartphones with low system requirements, making it accessible to most users. One of the app’s best features is its smooth navigation and user-friendly layout. Below are some of the features of the old bet9ja mobile app:

  • It contains most of the important features of the new version and is still very fast in loading.
  • It is compatible with any android device.
  • The old mobile app is easy to navigate.
  • It is easy to apply for a cash-out, unlike the new app.
  • The old bet9ja mobile app consumes a lesser space than the new app. It consumes only 6.25Mb, but the new app consumes 11Mb to download.

All the above features of the old bet9ja mobile app are present in the new bet9ja app, but with the presence of a few additional games.

How To Download Bet9ja Old and New Mobile Versions

The old mobile bet9ja app can be downloaded from different platforms online, but the easiest and fastest platform is the google play store.

  • Log in to google play store or click here.
  • From the search section, enter the old bet9ja mobile app.
  • Select the app and commence download and installation.

To download bet9ja New version, follow the steps provided below:

  • log in to google play store or click here.
  • Scroll to the search section and input bet9ja new mobile app
  • Click on the app to commence download and installation.

Comparison of Bet9ja Old and New Mobile Registration

Before now, users can register on the platform through the bet9ja old mobile version. Then, the registration was straightforward, just like the new mobile version. However, presently registration using the old bet9ja mobile version is disabled. The reason is that the company needs new customers to get used to the new mobile version immediately.

Note that when you see registration of bet9ja using the old mobile version. It will automatically redirect to the new bet9ja mobile version URL: Again, another significant difference is introducing promotional codes during registration using the new bet9ja mobile version.

The promotional code is designed to offer a 100% welcome bonus and 50% extra casino bonus on your first funding.

Bet9ja Old Mobile Vs. New Mobile Site Login

In Nigeria and other developing countries with slow internet connectivity, many people still prefer the old bet9ja mobile app because it is more reliable even on slower networks. Moreover, most phones still use 3G internet connectivity. Therefore, the old Bet9ja mobile app remains a reliable companion to many users.

To log in using the bet9ja new mobile site, you need strong network connectivity and a higher capacity android phone to access the website easily. But unfortunately, most users still use a low-quality Android phone that is not compatible with high internet connectivity. So this category of users still clings to the old bet9ja website.

The login page on both versions looks different though they still perform the same function, which is to log users into their accounts on Bet9ja. The login page of the old bet9ja website differs from that of the new bet9ja website only in its design. However, they both request the same information, Username, and Password. They both also have a space for Registration and Forgotten password.

Difference Between Bet9ja Old and New Mobile Shop

Bet9ja Old and New Mobile Version

Before the changes on the bet9ja platforms, most bet9ja outlets used the old bet9ja mobile shop to book and access games for bettors. However, the changes also affected the outlets as they were forced to use the new mobile shop website to attend bet9ja customers. Currently, the old bet9ja mobile shop website is no longer in use. Therefore, it is irrelevant to go into details on how to log in to the old mobile shop website.

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How To Login To The New Bet9ja Mobile Shop

To access the new bet9ja mobile shop, you must be a registered bet9ja agent. To become a bet9ja business agent, fulfill the requirements below:

  • Complete the bet9ja agent form on this web page
  • Have a business location.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to Bet9ja staff in your locality.
  • Wait for a review of your documents and location.
  • On qualification after review, a bet9ja representative will engage you in an introductory conversation.
  • Sign the contract form after going through the terms and conditions.
  • This qualifies you as a bet9ja super agent.

After the above process of registration as a super agent of bet9ja, you can now access the bet9ja mobile shop online platform through the following procedure:

  • Log in to the mobile shop website
  • Enter your username and password.

Bonuses and Promotions How They Differ On Both Versions

The New Bet9ja mobile offers rewards for placing bets irrespective of the bet outcome (win or lose). It gives the user points for placing bets depending on the amount staked, the number of selections, and the number of bets placed. These points are later converted into cash bonuses and given to customers according to their ranks on the points table.

The old Bet9ja mobile does not provide this option but redirects users to the New Bet9ja mobile anytime the Rewards/promotion link is clicked.

Major Features of the New Bet9ja Mobile

Bet9ja Old and New Mobile Version

One of the significant differences between the New Bet9ja mobile and the Old Bet9ja mobile is that the Old Bet9ja mobile possesses lesser features than the New Bet9ja mobile, which is the main reason for its compatibility with lower-end mobile phones. The New Bet9ja mobile has a lot of features, including the following;

Casino Games

The new bet9ja mobile allows users to play casino games on their mobile. It has over ten different casino games such as Arcade games, Roulette games, numbers, slots, and many more. The user has to visit the New Bet9ja mobile website Log in and select a casino from the menu, and you can play casino games on your phone.

Online Virtual

On the new bet9ja mobile, users can also play Bet9ja virtual on their mobile phones, just as they usually do at different Bet9ja shops. Users can access the bet9Ja virtual on their phones from anywhere and win lots of money from it.

More highlights on the homepage

On the New bet9ja, mobile users are provided with more pleasant highlights such as direct links to Upcoming matches, zoom virtual soccer, and ongoing live games for in-play lovers without having to go through the stress of toggling different menus and pages before getting to them.

Easy accessibility to options

The New Bet9ja mobile has a better arranged and easy accessibility to options than the Old Bet9ja mobile. The options are well arranged on the new mobile version and can be selected from the top of the match page. Users prefer the New Bet9ja mobile to the Old Bet9ja mobile because it has improved user experience.

Game simulator

Game Simulator is one of the most exciting features users of the New Bet9ja mobile can enjoy. It allows users to simulate upcoming matches and get simulated results while staking on the same odds as the original games/matches. This feature is so exciting because users can get match results and win lots of money in a few seconds instead of waiting hours for the original match scores.

This feature is exclusive to the New Bet9ja mobile users only and can be found on the top corner of the Betslip page after selecting the matches you wish to bet on.


The New Bet9ja mobile also allows users to bet on races such as Horse racing and Dog racing on their mobile phones anywhere and anytime they wish without going through the stress of queuing up in the shop to stake on their choices. The old Bet9ja mobile does not possess this feature even though there is a link for it on the old mobile version, but it doesn’t function.

Easy navigation

The New Bet9ja mobile was designed to make betting easier and less stressful for customers by providing easier navigations, unlike the Old Bet9ja mobile, which is a bit old-fashioned and less easy to navigate. On the New Bet9ja, mobile customers can easily navigate to different parts of the website via the footer or header of the homepage.

The header has many quick links, such as Bet9ja League, Zoom, Live, Casino, Super9ja, and many other services rendered by Bet9ja. Likewise, the footer contains quick links, like the A-Z menu link, My bets link, check bets link, and others.


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