How To Book Your Flight and Check in with Arik Air


Dubbed the “Wings of Nigeria,” Arik air is one the most popular and successful airlines not only in the Nigeria but also in Africa at large. If you want to travel locally (domestically) and overseas, this West African popular airline will give you the service that you need. The company has reliable, regular and punctual flights between destinations in these countries. In case you intend to use Arik Air, the two most important things you need to know are how to book their flights and how to check in with them. Below are detailed discussions on how to book your flight and check in with Arik air.

a) How to Book Your Flight with Arik Air Nigeria

There are three distinct types of bookings you can make with Arik air. These include return trip, one-way trip and multiple destinations. When placing booking for the Arik Air flights, you have to indicate if its return, one-way or multiple destinations.


Before you set out to book for a flight, you need to make some things ready. You will be required to avail certain information and documents at the time of booking. Essentially, you will need an identification document most importantly a valid passport or national identification/travel document.

The information being sought includes full names as it can be seen in the passport or identification document; your nationality; date of birth; the passport or identification/travel number; the type of document; issuing date, and expiry date. This information will be collected automatically when you submit your passport.

Provide basic information

The basic information you need to provide depends on the nature of your trip. Those booking for one way trips will be required to provide the date of flight, your travel destination (departure and arrival airports) and the number of travelers (for example family members) for whom you wish to secure Arik Air tickets.

Those who wish to book for return tickets; they must provide in addition, their return flight dates. Furthermore, you will have to choose whether you want to travel in economy class or business class. These classes differ in ticket prices. If you intend to visit more than one destination, then you will have to provide information for each destination. They will be numbered from one (for example destination 1, destination 2 etc.)

You can book flights at the Arik Air offices nearest to you but the most convenient, cost-effective and easy way to make your flight bookings is to do it online in  the official website of Arik Air. Online application is simple and straightforward. However, you must ensure that the information you provide is accurate and correct as any wrong entry can cause unnecessary flight delays.

Other information you will need to provide during the booking process is the ideal time of the day and favorable flight duration you wish to travel. Arik Air will give you a list of departure times for your travel date as well as a list of flights by number of stopovers and length. This will help you choose the best time of the day that fits your schedule and the shortest flight if you so desire.

Provide your payment information

After completing the paperwork for your booking, confirmed the details as accurate, and correct, it is time to seal the deal by making payment. Arik Air accepts both cash and credit card payments. Ensure you provide the correct information if you are using your credit card to avoid losses and unnecessary delays. Confirmation of payment will release the ticket and your booking process will be complete.

How to Check In With Arik Air

With the booking ticket in your hand, your only job will be to wait for the due travelling date to check in and board. The Arik Air check-in counters usually open 2.5 hours before the departure time for the local (domestic) flights and 4 hours before the departure time for international flights. You are supposed to check-in within these times. If you arrive later than these times, you run a risk of missing your flight.

At the check in desk, you will be required to produce the booking ticket or tickets, your passport and anything else that you might have been asked during booking time to carry with you when checking  in. An example is your company identification card. Passengers of Arik Air are required to check-in before the closure of the check in desks, which are 45 minutes for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights prior to the planned departure time. This policy is strictly adhered to by Arik Air.

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