How to Login to the JAMB CAPS Portal and the Things You Can Do On It

The Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) portal of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is where UTME and Direct Entry candidates can confirm their acceptance or rejection of their admission offer. Candidates who have not yet been admitted can still check their admission status on the JAMB CAPS portal. The standard JAMB portal is used mainly for registering for JAMB exams, while the JAMB CAPS portal is only used for admission.

How to Login to My JAMB CAPS

Accessing the JAMB CAPS portal is as simple as it gets. However, due to some new improvements on the JAMB CAPS portal, many applicants are having difficulty accessing their JAMB CAPS because most of them are unaware that they must first link their emails to their JAMB CAPS. To do so, take the following steps:

Send an SMS with a double your email address to 55019. Type your email address twice in one SMS and send it to 55019. Example; [email protected] [email protected]  and then send to 55019

Note: you must send the SMS with the same phone number you registered for your JAMB account.

After you have completed the link-up, you will be provided with a password to log in to your JAMB account, which will contain your JAMB CAPS. Now, follow the steps below to gain access to your JAMB CAPS;

  • Visit the portal or click here on your PC or your mobile phone.
  • Fill in your email address and the password sent to you after the link-up.
  • After entering the right information, click login to access your JAMB CAPS portal.

Can You Login to JAMB CAPS With Only Registration Number?

The JAMB CAPS portal requires the candidate’s email address and password for login. Therefore, it is impossible to log in or gain access to the JAMB CAPS with just your JAMB registration number.

Things You Can Do on the JAMB CAPS Portal

The JAMB CAPS portal has made life much easier for JAMB candidates by giving them quick and easy access to many JAMB features. Candidates can quickly accept or reject their admission through the JAMB CAPS portal with the press of a button. There are more things that applicants can accomplish on the JAMB CAPS, including the following:

  • To check their admission status.
  • To accept an admission offer.
  • To reject an admission offer.
  • To verify if your O’Level results have been uploaded.
  • To print the original JAMB Admission letter.

These are the things you can do on your JAMB CAPS portal. Now let’s carefully walk you through each one of them.

How to Access JAMB Admission Status on the Portal

With the launch of the JAMB CAPS online, JAMB has made things easy for applicants. Candidates can now quickly verify if they have been offered admission into any of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions by logging onto their JAMB CAPS account. Follow the procedures below to verify your admission status on your JAMB CAPS portal.

  • Login to the portal or click here
  • Input your correct email address and password, then click Login
  • After logging in, scroll down the page until you see “Check Admission Status.”
  • Click on the “Check admission status” indicated below the page and wait for the page to open
  • When the page loads, enter your JAMB registration number and then click on “Access My CAPS” to access the admission portal
  • When the next page loads, you will be able to check if you have been accepted into any of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions.

NB: If you are using a phone, the option to check your admission status on the portal may be missing. The welcome message may be the only thing that most phone users see. The caps page displays the welcome message because viewing the entire website requires you to activate the desktop mode. This is why, if you are using a phone, the Chrome browser is suggested. You have to go to Chrome and select ‘request desktop site’ for the entire page to appear.

That is all there is to it when checking admission status using the JAMB CAPS portal.

How to Accept Admission on the JAMB CAPS Portal

Candidates who have an admission offer can accept it on the JAMB CAPS after verifying their admission status. To do so, take these steps:

  • Visit the JAMB CAPS portal or click here
  • Login with your correct the details
  • Scroll to the ‘check my admission status’
  • On the next page, enter your JAMB registration number and click on “Access My CAPS” to access the JAMB CAPS ADMISSION portal.
  • You will locate your admission offer, and its information on the Admission portal, including the name of the school, department, and subject you have been offered to study.
  • If you like the institution that offered you admission and the course that was offered to you, click “Accept Admission” on the page.
  • When you click the “Accept Admission” button, a notification will appear with the text “ says, Are you sure you want to accept this admission offer?”
  • Then click the Okay button. You have successfully accepted your Jamb Caps admission.

How to Reject Admission on the JAMB CAPS portal

Candidates who have been offered admission through their portal but do not like the school or degree provided can easily reject the admission using the portal. Simply follow the simple steps below to decline an admission offer:

  • Go to the portal or click here
  • Login with your correct details
  • After successfully logging into the portal, scroll down the homepage and click on “check my admission status.”
  • When the screen loads, enter your JAMB Registration number and then click “Access My CAPS” to get to the ADMISSION portal
  • On the admission portal, you will find your admission offer and its details.
  • On the page, click on “Reject Admission,” and a notification with the phrase “ says, Are you sure you wish to reject this admission offer?” will appear.
  • Click yes, and the admission will be rejected.
How to Verify if Your O’level Results Has Been Uploaded on the JAMB CAPS Portal

If you follow the steps below, you can see if your O’Level results have been added to the portal.

  • Visit the portal or click here
  • Login with your details and change your browser settings to view “desktop site.”
  • There are a lot of options on the homepage. You can scroll down the page and click on ‘Check Admission Status,’ then.
  • Input your JAMB registration number and scroll to ‘Access My Caps’
  • After the page loads, click on “View O’level” on the left side of the page.
  • You will be shown your O’level result if you have successfully uploaded it.

How to Print Your Original JAMB Admission Letter from the JAMB CAPS Portal

Candidates who have been given and accepted admission should try to print out their authentic JAMB admission letter. This is critical because it is one of the screening documents that the school will demand during registration. But note that this service isn’t free. You have to make a payment of NGN1000 before printing it out. By following the steps below, you can simply print your original JAMB result from the portal:

  • Go to the JAMB CAPS portal or click here.
  • Enter your ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’ to log in
  • Navigate to the “Admission Letter” tab. This can be found on the sidebar or the home page
  • When you choose this service, a Transaction ID is produced for it. This will be visible on the confirmation page
  • Examine the information on the Confirmation Page. If you wish to make the payment using your debit card, tap ‘continue.’
  • After making your payment, you will be requested to submit the following information: Exam Year and JAMB Registration Number.
  • After correctly entering the information, you can now print your admission letter, as displayed on your screen.

It should also be noted that you can print your JAMB admission and school records whenever you want. However, you should print them both before the school session begins.


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