List of Lightweight Entertainment Movies Including Selina Tested

Lightweight Entertainment is a production company that has made numerous action and comedy movies. Its most famous project at the moment is Selina Tested which is currently trending on YouTube. Many other projects have been released by the company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Lightweight Entertainment Started Movie Production in 2020

The company is one of the companies in the Nigerian movie industry that has gained rapid growth in a very short period. They have since 2020 produced three movies that have drawn the interest of the public. One of the successful techniques they have employed in their movies is reality. They make use of real features, moving into the environment of their target audience to project a real fact.

Lightweight entertainment movies are seen to be in seasons and episodes. This helped them to go deep into the message they wished to pass through their movies. The entertainment company was recently given an award by YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers on their official YouTube channel.


How Many Movies Has Lightweight Entertainment Produced?

So far, the entertainment house has produced three movies, which are featured in seasons and episodes. Below is the list of movies produced by lightweight entertainment:

  • Military Street ft Selina Tested
  • Jagaban ft Selina Tested
  • Selina Tested
  • Yahoo Family

Military Street ft Selina Tested

MurRiche Entertainment collaborated with the lightweight entertainment team to create this new film. MurRiche Entertainment has released another street video titled Military Street, this time starring the Selina tested Crew. The movie got a joint professional production strategy from Lightweight Entertainment and MuRiche entertainment.

Military Street, starring Selina Tested, is an action-packed film that is released on a weekly basis. It’s a battle between MirRiche and the Selina Tested dudes. It features the tough life of youths in an environment filled with corruption and bad influence. Each episode of the movie has gained over 100k views. To follow the movie from episode 1 to the last episode on YouTube, click here.

Jagaban ft Selina Tested

The movie was produced by Lightweight Entertainment in collaboration with the Holy Ghost concept. Jagaban ft. Selina Tested is a movie series that comes in seasons and episodes. The series is on YouTube with millions of views. Some of its episodes have recorded over a million views on YouTube.

Jagaban ft Selina tested serves as a follow-up to the Selina Tested storyline, showcasing the tough life of youths in the society. So far, the movie series has gotten over 80k subscribers to the holy ghost channel on YouTube.

Selina Tested

This is an action movie series produced by Lightweight Entertainment. It is focused on dominance, violence, revenge, betrayal, survival, love, and comedy in its storylines. Selina tested featured two main characters known as Aboy and Chiboy, who took over a small town known as Holy Grounds or Ama.

Selina tested employed the use of Port Harcourt pidgin English as a means of communication. Showcasing the hard life of surviving in the streets, rampaged by ignorant and uneducated youths. So far, the movie has gained ground in Nigeria and across the shores of the country. Each episode of the movie has gained over a million views from subscribers.

Yahoo Family 

This is another movie series by Lightweight Entertainment. Yahoo Family is centered on the processes young boys go through in order to gain wealth through internet fraudulent activities. It exposed some of the rituals involved in getting into what they tagged ‘Yahoo plus’.

The movie is a must-watch as it is carefully produced by Lightweight Entertainment. To watch this movie on YouTube click here.

Who Is The Owner of Lightweight Entertainment?

The owner of the Lightweight Entertainment is Manuchim Praize, widely known by his stage name Odogwu. He is from Port Harcourt in the Rivers state of Nigeria. Judging from the current standard of lightweight entertainment movies, one would think that the owner must be a top shot in the Nollywood entertainment industry.

It will interest you to know that he is also the writer and producer of one of their most popular movie series, Selina tested. He has been able to show great production strategies from season 1 of the movie series to its current season. Manuchim Praize is also seen in a number of roles in light entertainment films. He depicts lots of talent in his roles in the movies.


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